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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By Raisa
The hungry pistol
The shot in the heart
The ruby crystal
Braking apart
Don’t beg me to stay
No way no way no way
Through the meteor rain
I will escape from pain
Ferocious winds
Take away my tears
Take me back to Mercury
. . .
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By ~Sarah Harris~ ~Synchronicity House~
(Verse One)
Another violent rage,
Ending with a callous hug.
You think that I'm insane,
When I flinch from every touch.
Affection can't replace,
All the damage that's been done.
I've got to get away,
Cause you've put me through too much.
I've gotta get up,
. . .
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By kristina
My only wish
Was to stay always....
Remain in this desert
Day after day
With dust on my jeans,
And the heels of my boots
Imprinting the sand
Then being set loose
By the afternoon winds
Shadows on cliff walls
Rose, gold and blues,
. . .
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By Rosario Villaluz
Many are the seeds in this world
But there’s this seed that’s hard to grow.
Some tried to plant yet many failed
Though they’re wise and thought they all know.
Early should man start if he wants.
Growing this seed starts early morn.
Midday scorches the seed man plants.
Midnight’s late for strength’s lost and worn.
Water this daily with Patience.
Prune it with belief it’s li’l twigs
And be amazed of its radiance
. . .
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By Itsasecret
Heart cold as ice
A fire in your eyes that is hard to hide
And i feel the earth moving slow
I feel it move as slow as i see you go
And i’m sinking to your bright eyes
Once you go in there’s no way back
And i’m drowning in the dark
Somehow i can still shine
You’ve got me where you want
It’s a fight that i can’t win at all
. . .
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By Eddie Halfpenny
Fifty Shades of Rage
Verse 1:
I’m sitting just across the room,
You glance then glance away,
You don’t know what goes through my mind,
You aren’t Mr Grey,
You never seem to talk to me,
Or care just how I feel,
Between the pages of my book,
Why can’t this world be real?
A fantasy upon the page,
. . .
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By Anand
Verse 1
When you find the meaning of love
I can tell you
You'll hold your breath and wonder
How you got through
You find it hard to be
A special friend to me
I love you
Verse 2
My heart goes pitter-pat when I'm
With you
. . .
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By Alexander J
Deliberate intentional systematic extermination
Of Racial political or cultural populations
Mass oppression Suppression expression of Hate
Impression Regression Transgression by state
Euthanasia employed to avoid cultural degradation
Racial cleansing employed through oppressive legislation
Dispossession of people loss of rights was their fate
Mass murdering occurring at an exponential rate
Aktion T4 and Reich citizenship Regulation
Were various laws passed to control the population
1895 Ploetz Racial hygiene was conceived
. . .
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By kristina
I was just nine years old,
But I felt so much older,
I felt so much colder
As the car drove away...
They left with no warning
That Saturday morning and said
They’d be back maybe Sunday or Monday....
The wind began stirring and swirling around me,
And I heard my name....
I’d never been called to like that before,
Called with such care and not scorn.
. . .
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By Barry H
Just sitting on the dock going fishing,
Just drowning a worm or two.
I'm just out here thinking about nothing,
I even caught a few..
What a great day to be fishing,
And leaving the rat race behind.
I'm just wondering if i should throw them back or eat them,
And catch them at another time..
I hate cleaning fishes,
The smell usually dose me in.
I guess i got to make my mark somewhere,
. . .
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