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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By 3 song writers from Scotland
Good days
Jane Hasler, Alan Blair Middleton, 2020
Good days will come one more time
Going to take them, embrace them, make them sublime,
Hope we can climb, hold the lifeline
Hope it’s going to be fine
When the good days come one more time
Tough times have been here,
Confusion and fear
. . .
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By David Johnson
What I had hoped to do,
was to make my life complete
And girl since I found you
I know we were meant to meet
You more than satisfy me
for all the things I need
You fit so perfectly
to want more would be greed
I’m so happy that I found you
. . .
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By Alexander J
Cold world cold days
Cold people cold rays
Where's the love gone
Shine's lost people struggling to survive at any cost
Look around so much struggle and strife
People tryin to stab you in the back with a knife
Take your life
Take your wife
People are fxxxed up why can't we get it right
Not trying to sound trite letting you see the light
Seek knowledge first and let the brain shine bright
. . .
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By MC Timo Rex
Aren’t you lovely, baby girl.
When you entered the world, you became my purpose.
I had lost faith. I had felt worthless.
I didn’t share my talents. I did the world a disservice.
Now that you are in my life, I feel no pain or strife.
You are my responsibility. I welcome the challenge.
You are my purpose. God gave me an avenue to make use of my talents.
That avenue is you. When I make decisions, I consider your point of view.
As well as the effects of my actions and how they affect your life. I am your daddy.
Daddy doesn’t always know best, but you are getting the best of my love even when I am stressed.
I am never depressed when I am around you. Sometimes, I will ground you
. . .
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By G. Scott
That's it!...
I've heard enough, more than plenty to see
That Candy seems bitter - and always angry
Palm sweat, ghetto, puking
Now just a spoiled brat
Multi-million dollar spewing democrat
You accent rapped, 'slick hick' to the Pres.
Head back, mouth wide, dispensing disses
Like you're a fxxxing Pez
M in, "ahem", although it might be swell
To some..
. . .
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By Natasha Toolate
Verse 1
I feel much more stress
Being this hot mess
Trying to pass the test
Doing my best
Forgetting about the rest
Pressure running thick
Thoughts coming in so quick
What was the cause of this?
Having a wish that people could miss
Coming around to get ahead
. . .
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By Eddie C
It’s not Christmas without you
I don’t know what to do
I need you here with me
Beside this pretty Christmas tree
It doesn’t feel like a holiday
Because you are so far away
I wish that you were here with me
As I stare into the icy snow
I make a wish on a mistletoe
I make a wish on a mistletoe
I make a wish on a mistletoe
. . .
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By Victor Aguilar
Lights pose camera flash
Lights pose camera flash
Lights pose camera flash
Lights pose camera flash
Everyone everyone freeze
Flash sound
Everyone everyone, please
Flash sound.
Everyone everyone ease
. . .
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By Arr Aye Why
The first breath gave life to love
On my eyes I felt a breeze that brought my vision back.
Darkness no more,
I celebrated the awakening of emotions I had never forgotten.
The second breath confirmed life
I reached out to touch you.
Tracing the contours of your face,
Memorizing each line,
I felt your heart beat,
I devoured your presence,
Revived in your shadow.
. . .
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By Mimoza Hajdari
I'm bother like the sand on hands
still invisible
thirsty and slit like earth
for that spring rain
you're sitting in front of the fire
calm and warm
feels to safe being home
but you're not sleeping again tonight
your mind is flying away
searching for "what to decide"
. . .
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