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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By Andromeda
Do you ever feel like a zombie,
Walking around mindlessly?
Do you ever feel like you're trapped in a maze,
Lost in the dark with no escape?
Then all you've gotta do is come alive,
Break free from all the lies,
Become who you are meant to be,
Search for the truth of everything,
You've gotta wake up,
You've gotta come alive,
So come alive.
. . .
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Ok I been a lil baddie but the boys just wouldn't have me
I wasn't too lit, I was too thick, they pass me
In Scooby-Doo, I was the Velma they wanted Daphne
But I can care less if those dummies just wanna trash me
My glow up happening, dm’s pop up like its an acne
Yeah I see whats going on, watching yall like a nanny
Now you tryna catch up to me, you by your granny
I don't take bs from no one, no kissing fannies
. . .
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By jerry freemann
you are torturing me gently with your bliss
and you make me sing a gorgeous cute love song
I will sigh when you just touch me
and I moan when you just kiss
when I look at you I know it will take long

you are giving me the goodness of your heart
I am tasting all the kindness of your soul
when one verse is slowly ending
then another one will start
when the chorus comes I’m losing all control
. . .
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By Johnny
I found your Christmas card today
So excited
That I find it
Neatly tucked away
Expressions of a special Christmas wish
When you were done
Your sweet tongue
Sealed it with a kiss
Among some books upon a dusty shelf
I saw the note
On the front you wrote
. . .
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By Alex
We trained for years - sacrificed everything possible
for endless miles a' road ... perfection was our direction ...
now we're ready to explode - ready to unload - unload all over you
sorry baby I've spilled my load all over you too
after a thousand licks we know all the tricks
Now everywhere we go it's a sold out show
on top of our mountain lookin' down on you
playin' our guitars black n' blue ...
life becomes live in our material world
see what we got for you-why it's a beautiful girl
jus' one from the crowd - she screams it out loud
. . .
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By PS101--Dvir Chebron
Early in da-Wee's ....hysteria it breaths'....The chosen interceedin'
Periscopin' ash-sh-h-h----Qustions to the last....and all will be un-masked
Maggots dancing' fo-The king...and it's clean
No-understand the working' of-dA Creme de-la Creme-dumb
Jim-(JETTY-BLACK) Beam dA-Ladder in dA-Queen....I'm Pearlin'-Out....I trip-Ching
(F)--Sing: Catch me I'm falling' up to the sky---- Ain't no other way that I would fly
(M)-Rapp: Flash surface on-dA-Scene....Me-puzzle wanna drink....Dipped my hand into dA-Stream
In the darkness of my past; Out of the clouds...."I'm feeling' Vertigo".......
I'm feeling' Vertigo.........
. . .
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By Zachary W. Fisher d/b/a Sweet Jesus Enterprises
It’s 6 o’clock and it’s dark out as the sun sets
And I’m all alone on this lonely lonely night
You walked away when I tried to tell you something
You walked away, when I tried to tell you why
Words were said, but it’s just misunderstanding
Voices were raised, when you thought I didn’t care
Tears were shed, when I felt I had lost you
And I responded loud enough to declare
Keep the faith, keep the faith, don’t you leave me
Keep the faith, keep the faith, stay the night
Now’s the time, now’s the time to believe me
. . .
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By J.R. Mallard
Hell’s Freezing Over
Does the emptiness eat you up inside?
Did the stillness turn you to ice?
Do you run from your own shadow
Instead of rushing to the next level?
Need to get back the fire
Gotta keep feeding the fire...
Have you already opened every door
And now the walls are closing in?
Can you but stare at the ceiling
From where you fell down on the hard, cold floor?
. . .
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By Danny Wylie
No intuition of forecasted trouble
Guess I hadn't noticed at a quick glance
Now again, time stands still around us
Waltzing away from our final dance
We both arrived with a handful of baggage
At that time, it didn't need to make sense
Plush green grass now seems to be wilting
Surrounded by a broken white fence...
You forced a beautiful smile
And I could not look away
I walked right up to you
. . .
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By Patrick Cooney
She is the reason why, I rise, every morn'
Darkness has had it's turn
The sun shines all around
And though sometimes it burns
My true love I've found
She is the only one, who I will, ever love
The mighty tide subsides
Swept my dreams away
The waning moon provides
Hope for this new day
Life is short so live it now
. . .
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