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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By Natalie
Not even a thousandaire
I left with dollars in my account
I did more than wish
Yes, I truly pounced
I didn’t give it my best
Yes, I gave it every ounce
You say I’m high in the clouds
Well, I’m never coming down
You say I’m too loud for your tastes
Well, how’s this for a sound
Once was a favor
. . .
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By Shebot
Sometimes we only see what we wanna see
What we want verse what we need and wanna feel
Always aiming for the real deal
While trapped inside and no way out of the hamster wheel
I don’t need you, I don’t need your grief
So do me a favour and leave
When the devotion in you stirs the emotion in me
And when you wont let me leave, ignorance is bliss
Sprechen deutsh? Am I speaking your language?
Bae, too much you and so little me
I just wanna release, I just wanna be free
. . .
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By RGillesB
Written and arranged by Rgillesb
(Verse 1)
life is a rope
which makes us lose our bearings
while others thrive,
the majority certainly miss single pennies.
despite our hard work
life plays on us with a showdown.
suffering is therefore a knot
that you have to learn to loosen
life is a thread
. . .
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By S.K.Z.M.
Silver sunflower seeds
Metal ivy and vine
Bind my rave bouquet
Pick your song
And jack in
For the cyborg
Forgot the acorn
She builds skyscraper trees
2173 A.D.
Grass equalizer friendly
With two five six
. . .
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By Natalie
A bouquet of roses
Can't help but see red
Something more than sorry
Would've been nicer, if said
Thought It'd make me forgive
Now feel exhausted instead
So many emotions, thoughts
Running through my head
Like when the roses die
Will our love also be dead
Somewhere over the rainbow
. . .
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By Ed Fram
Blood's thicker than water
A wad of cash's thicker than both
A mean man for your daughter
Or a man of means to betroth
The more I find out
the less I really know
What it's all about
And which way to go
Water for the body
Like truth for the soul
These new old clothes, so shoddy
. . .
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By Meggy
Verse 1:
I see you there
But you’re a ghost to me
We aren’t anything like
What we used to be
Have a good night
We say separately
I can’t handle this
Chorus [x2]:
We’re together, but apart
. . .
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By Ed Fram
Follow the fog to where roses lie in naked slumber
Astride widows' graves lying under
On the brink of wonder
'Tween death and the Great Guarantor of life
With nothing but charm to bequeath a wife
And I got beauty on my mind
Seekin' you out, bound-blind
The road's bumpy,
I'm filled with doubt
You're fuelled by hope,
I need a way out
. . .
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By Mole
This should have been the start of something big
Instead you went looking for a different gig
You could swear that black was white
And I was wrong and you were right
I thought that we had a chance
But you led me a merry dance
I didn't see it in your eyes
Couldn't see through your disguise
We’re as different as coffee and tea
. . .
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By Maren
Someday, once I’m over,
Will I dance in the minds that I know?
Will I be their fuel, push them bolder?
I daydream of the places they’ll go
Cuz the days feel long but the years go fast
Even the most glorious of things won’t last
The wisdom is obvious a little trite,
I won’t last for centuries but my love might.
When I’m over, in a few decades,
Will people think about me and grin?
Will my inventions spur on escapades?
. . .
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