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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

The Christmas tree
Pixies, fairy’s, goblins and friends,
All get together, as the year, starts to end
There all, in the north pole, working real hard,
Making lots, of toys and Christmas cards.
Autumn is ending, its getting cold now, you know,
Winter is coming, frost is starting to show,
We Put up the Christmas tree and Plaques on the wall,
Hoping on Christmas eve, santa will call.
Santa and the reindeer, they start to train,
So, that Christmas will forever remain,
. . .
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The sun comes in the day
But when it comes the night
It now must surely go
The moon comes in the night
But when it comes the day
It too must surely go
Many things that have come
Have already gone away
But it's been a while you're gone
And all I think is you
. . .
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I thought I caught you looking
sorry my mistake
I thought I caught your eye
but the moment was a perfect fake
I look into your gaze but find I turn away
Now you got me hooked but is it all a waste
You see I , yes I see through your gaze
Nothing in your eyes they are a sorry haze
I question who or why can make you look so down
The room is full of thoughts but also full of drown
What I would give to hear your voice
. . .
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Perpetual Emotion
Lyrics by Doug Haberman
I grew restless
It was senseless
Wanted someone new
Then came back to you
Only you can give
You can give me your
Perpetual emotion
There is danger
With a stranger
. . .
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I wanna feel the power of your love joy and pain
You smashed on me I didn't know what hit me You lit my ass when you touched me it felt like earthquake it was worse than a tornado I was hit it was a hurricane and now when I speak your name it drives me insane I try to compose myself I try to regain my strength at lengh Im spent outta control
I wanna feel the power of your love joy and pain its like when you speak you whisper to my soul my whole body feels weak I seek his heart while my heart leaks inside
I wanna feel the power of your love joy and pain
a never ending infernal internal fire That Leaves Me Begging And Pleading And Yearning And Wanting don't taught me relieve me and please me Im outta my mind I'm literally insane
I wanna feel the power of your love joy and pain
Your hot body as I melt beneath you I need ecstasy Do You Hear Me with a lifetime plan where Im forever your woman and your forever my man without passion I feel like Im sinking in quick sand heres my hand Pull Me Out
I wanna feel your love joy and pain
. . .
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Did you think that we can stay here forever,
same place and some mistakes all the time,
trying to believe in your own dreams
I can't even express ...
Holding the universe together,
jumping on the moon, trying to survive
but this life would be better
this moment would be forever here
. . .
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I smell the coffee every time I awake
And know for sure that we’re not a mistake
life is beautiful when we are entwined
And with our bodies, love is defined
Oh we are linked by an invisible pull
And my head will always let my heart rule
You know every inch of this skin of mine
Our lips speak magic when they combine
. . .
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The city is in racial tension. Two white girls are missing. Geek suggested that they get guys to join the feds in case they need help one day from them. It took months but they got a guy into the agency. It's Saturday. Three black guys, two brothers Fat, Big Jo and Lil Tony are out drinking late. They decided to take a stroll thru the white part of town. Angry with what was going on with those 4 boys missing or just an excuse to do some dirt. Lil Tony speaks, you know white people think they can do anything to us today. Big Jo, lil nigger you are stupid.Funny, Lil Tony answer. Lil Tony shut the hell up, everybody knows you are stupid, said Fat. I ain't stupid, said Lil Tony. Getting angry. Big Jo, nigger you my brother and I been living with you for 18 years, I should know if you are stupid, said Big Jo. You ass still can't read, said Big Jo. Fat said, anytime a nigger spend two years in first and second, he's stupid. Part of a poem from the story call Why Do We Have To Die?
They were just flowers
Growing stronger by the seconds, minutes, hours
Gaining in strength, minds developing almost like superpowers
They were as beautiful as black and red roses
If only the guys who took them believe in Moses
But we know Gods knows best
They are with him at peace, at rest
They will live on in our hearts forever and ever
When that horn blow we will once more be together
Happy in that glorious place we call Heaven
. . .
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I woke up this morning at a quarter to four.the rain was coming down.what I thought was repeated thunder.was someone knocking on my door.i did not know what to say she had a baby in her arms and o,e on the way.and I pray like a farmer does for rain about the things I do not understand.i put it in gods hands you better treat her right.the rain couldn't hide. Her tears or her black eye words to the wise she was mine before she was yours.so if you take her away from my house you better treat her right.and I pray like a farmer does for rain about the things I do not understand i put it in gods hands you better treat her right you better treat her right you better treat her right
. . .
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[Verse 1]
Salvation is in your name
With love you came
for freedom us from the sins
Jesus always wins.
He is the King
that why I sing
glory to Jesus.
That defeated the evil.
[Verse 2]
For you I sing
. . .
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