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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By Phil Flemming
I try to maintain focus,
When you walk into the room.
Concentrate on task at hand,
Put my blinders on.
But from the corner of my eye,
I see you over there.
That pretty dress your wearing
Makes me stop and stare.
I’ve started meditation,
. . .
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By Donald Deschene
Working Mans Hands
I’ve walked the Alaskan Tundra, In the midnight sun
Drove the Dalton highway, in the dark of day
For a year for family, For my little one
Day turns to night, In Prudhoe Bay
I’ve got working mans hands man
Proud of doing what I can with my hands
I,ve got working mans hands man
Like my Fathers before me, Working mans hands
I sometimes wonder what it takes to be a man
. . .
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By J.R. Mallard
We Are The Heirs
We are the heirs
Of a time gone by
The heirs of wars
The heirs of tides
Of cycles and seasons , some mild and some wild
We are the heirs of a time gone by
We walk the lands
In our forebears’ strides
The lands spread far
The lands spread wide
. . .
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By Geraldine Taylor
Verse 1
To experience the seasons brought therein
To elaborate beyond where we begin
To gravitate through intricated ways
To thus behold the miracle of days
To belong, to be loved, to be more than enough
May souls align with blessings from above
There’s no measure, I will treasure
All in my life, of which come to mind
With due reason, it is the season
. . .
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By Chris Marrow/ Tr13z
If I put my drip on your lips tell me what you really miss.
It's okay when you come you know that cookie heaven sent
Intoxicated by my figures its heavens scent
I drive the boat until you're mine a blessing. Gifts of a curse there hella bent
Swan down on the niggas and you know that I repent
A Kings with Queens on my board with a natural lisp
I speak life in my verses you're gonna drown after swimming, naturalist.
I'm the one of your dreams and seldome as it seems.
You took one to the head ain't no bussing back at me.
I peek at you and run my tongue you know I'm green.
I'm the one in your life you know that you a bad bitch bussing beams.
. . .
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By Levi
Today, I saw you cry......
It's hard for me......to say goodbye......
Must you go, and leave this way......
I thought this Love was here to stay......
I Didn't know you could be so tough.......
You've got me thinking.....I'm not enough.......
You never said that I was meant to be......
So, you said goodbye....and set me free.....
But...you did more than just walk away......
I loved you more....with every single day.....
. . .
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By GemInEye
These words escape my lips again,
without knowing who I'm talking to,
the emotions that follow...
rage combined with solitude.
Think I learned my lesson
I know that's not entirely true,
Soon as I start making sense
I realize I spoke way too soon
Now that I came as far as I have
nerves so shot I can barely stand
nothing satisfies as much
. . .
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By Matt Barcelona
I guess I'm not that perfect
for you to fall in love
so don't forget to close the door behind you,
don't even say goodbye.
Let me alone, let me think what
I've been doing wrong
and if you see me crying in the corner,
don't even feel sorry.
All of my dreams,
all of the hope I could feel
disappeared in just one minute,
. . .
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By OneWorld
still driving my very first car
which i got at 1986
busted up but it still drives far
it gets the job done quick
it still works very well
and goes in the right gear
it has a story to tell
that's to come for many years
it doesn't use much gas
it doesn't go as fast
and most veichles should
. . .
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By Lightning Scream Lyrics
Dazzling stars in the afternoon
Strange loopholes drift during the month of June
Only unknown ways could have led me here
Hence do splendid songs in the sky appear
And this spectacle comes my way
Over a world paved in gold
Out of sight words increase in size
To howl their truth which comes out in a sigh
. . .
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