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Fantastic Original Lyrics & Poems for sale

By Kendall Waters
Hook: The gun shoots off,
All the runners hearts stop,
Were off to the races,
And time cannot be lossed,
Verse: I pass the baton,
Were running along,
The team lifts us up,
Were all where we belong,
The sun is shining,
The sky is blue,
We dream at night,
. . .
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By BukiCee
I´m The Kind Of Guy
guitar backup med temp
vocals medium tempo
(open with chorus)
I´m the kind of guy that likes to speak his mind
I´ve got something to say almost all the time
But sometimes I´ll act deaf, dumb amd blind
´Cause I´d rather seem a fool than be unkind
I´m tired of hearing about these people that kill
Men, women and children and tell me it´s God´s will
But you can´t argue with a madman, no baby it´s not cool
. . .
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By buvvy
Dark world, Dirty time, Spending money, Which isn't mine, Isn't yours, Isn't mine, Spending money, Is whose crime, Chorus Spend spend spend, In the dark world, In the light, Spending money, Is man's blight, Verse; Dark world, Dirty days, Spending money, In a haze, In a cloud, Dark world, Here comes, A darkened shroud, Chorus; Spend spend spend, In the dark world, In the light, Spending money, Is man's blight, Dark world, One more time, Spending money, Like green slime, Like a rock, Like a stone, Here comes the money king, On his throne, Chorus, Spend spend spend, In the dark world, In the light, Spending money, Is man's blight
. . .
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By Angel
Verse 1
I can't take this anymore
You can't be this immature
Part of me wishes, we were strangers
When we fight, it shows
The holes in your soul
Keep you from making changes
Verse 2
I'm angry but not really hating
Need to move on
Can't keep spending time, just waiting
. . .
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By MacAttack
Bitches they be loving me like I'm the ruler of the country
When they see me in the streets you better know that they hungry
I give em what they want because I'm nice and friendly and you best believe that when I wanna fxxx they ready
I smoke the finest green like I rule the green land
Feelin up the fine bitches with my quick hand
They can't get away from me it's like they walkin in quicksand
Their boyfriends be jeolous because they think I'm the man
Gettin this paper like the presidents of countries
Cmon man, don't be playing you know you love me
I'm talented as fxxx and I'm money hungry and when I'm in the club I'm getting them hunnies
I'm ready to party even in the early morning
. . .
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By Plasma Baby
Curfew of Mirrors
by Plasma Baby
Verse 1
Dancing by a Cantonese fire
trading ash for hard earned cash
Red, gold and Emerald in between
Don't look at me
and I won't look at you
this parody in complexity
strives to be seen
but I can't see wood for trees
. . .
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By Karen Young
Lovely day white clouds its fresh
Clear view top of the hill is best
A castle in view tall and dark
Mind working landscape a mark
Just walking the dog with my love
Who lived there was it a knight
Black horse a man silver armour
Here goes dreaming gosh its bright
Look in the distance the harbour
Just walking the dog with my love
Hills green round shades like bows
. . .
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By Tarnya
You are another year older and enjoying the sunshine on holiday which must be “heaven” and one thing I can say is you will defiantly “enjoy the silence” without me being around. It’s not a good Birthday unless you have too much to drink and if I know you, “you just cant get enough” of those drinkies “ in your room”! I could imagine you doing something funny like “walking in my shoes” or maybe a leotards....no or this just “the world in my eyes?” but then again.....you are a bit “strangelove”! If you go hard it will only be a “question of time” before you find yourself talking to god on the porcelain telephone like he’s your own “personal Jesus” where your heart starts racing just like you are starring down the “barrel of a gun” feeling like you are “going backwards” wishing you have stopped. You wake up the next day...and somehow the whole event has been “stripped” from your memory however your head tells you the rest of the day you will “suffer well” and you will be very “precious”. oh well you and I both know “people will be people” so enjoy and a Happy Birthday mate!!
. . .
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By Sam Mann
I wear my cowboy boots with faded jeans
Got the knees torn out with a Skoal can ring
I like my four-wheel drive, mud on my truck
A wench on my bumper when I get stuck
I didn’t get an education from an Ivy league school
I like my hands dirty, working with my tools
I ain’t a city boy wearing my fancy clothes
I want a little saw dust between my toes
I’ve got a little land to play with my toys
. . .
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By Rui Pedro Da Silva
Missing you
Staring at the ceiling
I see visions of you sleeping
Is it real or fantasy
I feel your beat inside of me
So I close my eyes and dream of thy
In a place so dear to me
Then I wake up in misery
Cause I don’t see you next to me
Few moments we shared together
Locked up in my heart forever
. . .
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