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  • Dementia

    dead and draining
    restless anxiety
    nothing saving
    never saving
    life inside of me
    this alienation
    smothers all the love
    a death blow from above
    once truth be told
    abandonment has its say
    everyone loves a liar
    this fxxxed up world today
    never loved me anyway
    now you leave me c...
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  • they dont want no more

    Rise of the last king,
    fxxxing right thats all me,
    Go hard like ronda rousey,
    I know who i wanna be,
    Murder you assassin creed,
    This is war call me general lee,
    You a bitch call it glee,
    I ignite the fire i am the key,
    Go on a shooting spree,
    Smoke a whole fxxxing tree,
    Hoes with me yes i got three,
    Hard on the fxxxing beat,
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  • Cowboy Gangsta

    Riding into Tennessee
    Riding into Memphis
    Riding high high
    Got my pisto on my side
    Don't fxxx with me don't take no jive
    So don't come fxxxing with my pride
    hit my favorite town before five
    Pigs I'm legal to carry my pisto
    Got a security company in Chicago
    Don't be trying to lifto my pisto
    Cause I'm the baddest MF in any Dojo
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  • Leaving Home

    Leaving Home
    Words and Music by Greg Tyska

    Somewhere I know, there’s a place for me
    Where I can be honest in the things I see.
    It must be somewhere in my mind
    It must be somewhere hard to find.

    Somewhere I know there’s another place
    With different meaning in each different face.
    So much left for me to find.
    So much room ...
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  • The Rain Falls

    There's a storm brewing out there on the horizon
    And I can feel it in my bones
    Like a whirlwind it will pick me up and take me away
    Into the land of the unknowns

    I've survived many storms
    Depressions and squalls
    But this cold front that's your ire
    Has arrived at me and stalled
    And so the rain falls
    And so the rain falls

    I'm ...
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  • No Getting Over You Yet

    Verse One
    Walked by our old house the other day
    Thought I saw you standing in the doorway
    Was like no time had passed us by
    As if we hadn't said goodbye

    Verse Two
    But our garden, it looked worse for wear
    There was no one sitting in the old porch chair
    So I kept on walking, my head held low
    Wishing for, wishing for a new tomorro...
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  • Dics are for chicks

    " Dics are for chicks "

    There is nothin' ... nothin' !!

    better than a good piece of tail

    a little pussy tang

    you've hit it right smack on the nail ...

    taker to her maker n' let her wail ...

    All we need to know to carry on

    is how to breath n' how to breed

    following the old rules

    always keepin' it str...
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  • Crashed

    we took a wild ride
    three times around the moon
    neither of us realized
    it was too much too soon
    we shifted into overdrive
    we went too far too fast
    neither of us realized
    we were headed for a crash
    we pushed it to the red line
    went too fast round the turn
    we both ignored the stop sign
    that's how you crash and burn
    and now we're...
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  • Scars

    Lyric by Doug Haberman

    I gave my heart away once
    The woman was unique
    She made me cry a river
    Then left me up a creek

    I remember one sweet lover
    She said love was her light
    She lit me up the whole day
    Lit another man all night

    Love ripped my heart
    It’s the price we pay
    My scars haven’t healed
    But they will one...
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  • Queens Of Castle's Near

    VERSE 1
    The king on his thrown
    Kept falling short of stable
    His women de-robed
    Then came dressed to his table

    He had too many wounds
    And couldn’t keep it straight
    So he asked for stronger love
    Protection of their gates

    VERSE 2
    They were both ready
    Their eyes were one with his
    Their hands were locked and steady
    They we...
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