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Lyric Speed

Lyric SpeedLyric Speed

Have you given thought about the tempo (speed) and the type of rhythm/ groove of the song that will work with your lyric? So, when writing a lyric, at the outset, a lyricist  should think how the words are going to work/interact with other instruments, singers, melodies, harmonies and rhythms, etc It's important to have a clear idea: of the speed of the words, the style of music required, and if possible, a rough idea of the type of melody and a rough idea of the rhythm/groove emanating from the words. It makes things much easier when pitching your work to  songwriters looking for lyrics- “Hey,  I’ve got the perfect lyric for your music, here’s why,,,,,” (you we really sound like you know your stuff! If you haven’t thought about this - you might want to read this article: How to write the Perfect Lyric >>  

Where does Songbay stand on AI in music?

Songbay thoughts on AI in music

“To AI or not to AI? that is the question!” Its fair to say that the thin end of the ‘AI’ music wedge has been getting ‘thinner’ for many years. AI first appeared over two decades ago with the introduction of the digital recording desk. For the first time in recording history, it was possible for multiple overdubs to be used in the studio. This made it much easier for musicians to get the perfect take without having to record Continue Reading…

Collaboration- Up front Fees V Royalty Share

Collaboration at Songbay

Four Reasons You Should (and Shouldn’t) Collaborate for Royalties Only If you’re a songwriter looking for a lyricist or vice versa, our Collaboration Zone helps you connect with musicians and writers online. When you post a project, you have two choices. A) sticking to your budget, if you’re planning to pay your collaborator for their work, or B) choosing to collaborate on a royalty-only basis, with neither party receiving an upfront fee.   There is no right or wrong here; Continue Reading…

Jennifer McQuaid Songwriter at Songbay- one of our most loyal members!

Jennifer McQuaid Songwriter at Songbay

Songbay artist Jennifer McQuaid On the blog this month, we’re joined by long-time Songbay artist Jennifer McQuaid. She has been with Songbay for many years and still turning out incredible songs! She is here to share her insights and experiences as an independent musician in the digital age. Tell us about yourself and your music… I was born and raised south of Boston, and I’m currently residing in the great state of Maine. All I can say is I love Continue Reading…

How to collaborate with other Songwriters at Songbay?


How do I collaborate with other Songwriters at Songbay? For those asking the question, – how do I collaborate with other songwriters at Songbay?, we introduce: The Easy NEW Way to Collaborate with Songwriters and Lyricists Online: Songbay has always been a place for collaboration, helping lyricists and songwriters connect. You can sell or license your songs and/or lyrics by creating a Songbay profile to showcase your work. For lyricists and composers wanting to be proactive in finding co-writers, we Continue Reading…

How to Collaborate with Songwriters and Lyricists at Songbay

Marie-Louise Anastas & Bozhidar Popov

Collaboration at Songbay Songbay has always been about bringing songwriters and lyricists together. You probably already know you can sell your songs or lyrics through Songbay. So how do you collaborate with songwriters and lyricists at Songbay? It’s quite straightforward-By uploading your work, you also showcase your talent to other writers around the world, and you can connect with potential songwriting partners through our Collaboration Zone.  To demonstrate how this works, let’s look at one of our success stories! Australian lyricist Continue Reading…

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