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How to collaborate with other Songwriters at Songbay?

Songbay Collaboration Instructions Step 5

How do I collaborate with other Songwriters at Songbay? For those asking the question, – how do I collaborate with other songwriters at Songbay?, we introduce: The Easy NEW Way to Collaborate with Songwriters and Lyricists Online: Songbay has always been a place for collaboration, helping lyricists and songwriters connect. You can sell or license your songs and/or lyrics by creating a Songbay profile to showcase your work. For lyricists and composers wanting to be proactive in finding co-writers, we Continue Reading…

How to Collaborate with Songwriters and Lyricists at Songbay

Marie-Louise Anastas & Bozhidar Popov

Collaboration at Songbay Songbay has always been about bringing songwriters and lyricists together. You probably already know you can sell your songs or lyrics through Songbay. So how do you collaborate with songwriters and lyricists at Songbay? It’s quite straightforward-By uploading your work, you also showcase your talent to other writers around the world, and you can connect with potential songwriting partners through our Collaboration Zone.  To demonstrate how this works, let’s look at one of our success stories! Australian lyricist Continue Reading…

Flattery or Song Infringement?

Infringement in Music

Flattery or Infringement in Songwriting The Complicated History Of Copyright Law in Music Every songwriter has been there. After battling writer’s block for days, the frustrated tunesmith finally strikes gold with the perfect chord progression. They spend hours more, excitedly composing the masterpiece, before eventually realizing that the’ve just rewritten “Hey Jude.” If on the other hand, they’re unaware of the similarity and decide to publish the work, they would be guilty of song infringement! In a universe of infinite Continue Reading…

Seven Ways to Self-Promote Your Songs

promote your songs

Seven ways to Promote your Songs So, you’ve written and recorded a song you’re excited to release, you’ve prepared the artwork and everything’s ready to go, but how can you promote yourself and make sure people hear your new music? This is an uncertainty for countless indie artists. We can help. Here are some of the latest ways to promote your songs. There will probably be some trial and error involved as you find what works for you and your Continue Reading…

Earning Money From Music Sync Licensing

Music Sync Licensing

Earning Money From Music Sync Licensing What is music sync Licensing and how can you earn money from it? Have you ever watched a commercial or seen a movie that has suspenseful music playing? This is done through a process called music sync licensing. Film companies appoint music supervisors who are in charge of finding music that is perfect for their scenes. They apply to different licensing libraries, partner with music labels, or work with artists directly to fulfil their goals. Continue Reading…

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