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We are always on the look out for songwriters of every genre. In order to maintain the quality and integrity of our library and to keep an appropriate balance between sellers and buyers, we cannot accept all uploads. We assess all songs for musical and production qualities. We do not accept rough demo recordings or work with notable tuning or timing errors. We do not accept acapella, unfinished or poorly recorded songs. We reject all work which is religiously, culturally or racially offensive, or gratuitously violent in content. If your song is rejected, we will explain our reasons for refusal.

As a songwriter on Songbay, you set your own sale fees and keep All your royalties and income earned. You also keep total control of your work. Unlike other companies, we take No royalty or percentage cuts. Our philosophy is very clear. What you make, you keep!

We offer a variety of selling options, from licensing to copyright exchanges. We clearly explain all of these options to you and advise you on the correct market prices to charge. We also supply professional legal contracts without charge.

Seller membership is by inexpensive monthly subscription with no tie ins. For our latest seller membership options, see Membership Options >>

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Sell Music

  1. You receive exposure on a global scale. Showcase your Songwriting abilities to the world
  2. Your Songs are displayed worldwide and purchased directly from our website.
  3. You keep complete control of your work
  4. You receive all eligible royalties
  5. Choose from a variety of selling options, including digital downloads, licensing and copyright sales
  6. You set your own prices for your songs
  7. You can use a royalty collection agency to collect your royalties
  8. You keep all your sale fees. We take no percentage of sales or royalties.
  9. We promote your work on Social Media
  10. We give you Copyright Protection. Once uploaded, we copyright-protect all your Songs free of charge Copyright Protection at Songbay >>
  11. We give you featured Artist promotion and priority listing in music search results at Songbay
  12. You can create stunning artist pages at Songbay that help you get discovered! Contact Examples at Songbay >>
  13. You receive free completed legal contracts when selling
  14. Lots more!

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