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Is your lyric too long?

  • Do you know the appropriate amount of words for a commercial pop lyric?
  • Do you know what bearing the tempo of the song has on the amount of lyrics you can use?
  • Is your lyric actually a lyric, or is it a poem, a list, or an essay?,,,,
  • Did you know the average amount of verses for a pop song at the moment = 2 , whilst the average amount of choruses = 3
  • Are you lyrics too 'wordy'?Here's a great article on this subject >>

Songbay Review by Leigh Malin

Apr 5, 2017   by Leigh Malin on Songbay Songbay Review I’d been considering trying to sell some of my work for a while & found Songbay through an internet search. I’ve found the site to be just what I was hoping for. There are plenty of people from the industry looking for the products that we are hoping to sell & I’m sure there are many success stories that have played out through using Songbay.I have found the site easy to use Continue Reading…

Songbay Review by Anka Yura

May 14, 2017   by Anka Yura on Songbay Songbay Review I’m really happy that I found Songbay.Songbay is a very useful and informative engine for artists. Not to mention, you can live chat with like minded artists through Songbay. It’s offers, features, and extras are amazing tools for those young emerging and new coming artists like myself.Btw: Thank you Songbay for creating and sharing such beautiful artwork for my song Be Seeing You, coming soon in June.All I can say about Songbay Continue Reading…

Songaby review by Emma Chute

Dec 12, 2017   by Emma Chute on Songbay Songbay Review I love Songbay!!!!I have been looking for a platform like this for a long time.It’s a one stop shop for me.All the help you need is at your fingertips. So easy to use and navigate .I can only say positive things about this team.I feel truly supported and I have had genuine feedback and promotion of my lyrics.You can ask a question and you will be answered very promptly.So if you want Continue Reading…

Songbay Review by Teressa Dykes

Dec 15, 2017   by Teressa Dykes on Songbay Songbay Review Songbay has been a whole new experience for me. With the easy creation of my own page on their site, I now have somewhere to sell licences to my lyrics. It works! I have had a couple of messages from buyers and collaboration requests in such a short time. I have ongoing support from the professional and friendly Songbay team as well as the constant promotions of my work via social media. Continue Reading…