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Here are some latest reviews of Songbay. All the reviews are from genuine users of Songbay, from both sellers and buyers, and all with first-hand experience of the company. Where possible, we have included links to the user’s artist page. If you click on any of the links, you will be taken to the artist page of the actual user.  You will be able to hear and purchase their songs – read and purchase their lyrics.  Songbay has the world’s largest collection of original lyrics for sale. Welcome to Songbay!



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This is the best 💖


Well, what can I say. I joined Songbay a few months ago and I can’t praise this platform enough. I have been writing lyrics for as long as I can remember and they would always end up in a drawer somewhere gathering dust. Songbay is exactly what I have been looking for, somewhere to show my lyrics and communicate with like minded people. Never did I think that my lyrics could be transformed into a song, but that’s exactly what happened with Songbay’s lyric to song service. It’s so easy to use this service and Gary and the team are so supportive every step of the way. I can’t tell you the buzz I got to hear my first and second song. Well done to Gary and all the team for the brilliant work you do, look forward to working with you all again soon.

Hi Margaret. Thank you so much for leaving the review. You gave us a lovely lyric to work with; we were so pleased to turn it into such a strong song for you. We look forward to our next collaboration 🙂

Decided to take the plunge and utilise the Lyric to Song service provided by Songbay. As a novice, I really didn't know what to expect. I couldn't be more pleased. I was kept well informed throughout the process of what was happening and when I would get an update.For me the truly wonderful thing was that I was asked for my feedback and my comments were attentively listened to and taken on board. This astounded me because In truth I cannot read music or play any instruments. Hence it was all intuition on my part. Gary, Chris and the team do their utmost to fulfil the clients brief and do so in a professional, friendly and encouraging manner. They are as passionate about your lyrics as you are and want to produce the best song they can based on what they have to work with. I felt like my opinions were valued. Gary went above and beyond on my song and earmarked a world class singer for my first Songbay song entitled - You, She and Me. There work has transformed average lyrics into something special. The whole process was a pleasure and a privilege from start to finish. Will definitely use this service again. Amazing feeling hearing and being part of the journey of the song from initial sketch to completion. Highly recommend this service.Songbay Artist Page: 

Thank you so much for the review. It was a pleasure to work with you, you came up with some excellent arrangement ideas and had a very clear idea of the musical direction for your lyric. We look forward to working with you again 🙂

  • I had been considering for sometime about utilising the Lyric to Song service and took the plunge a few weeks ago. I really didn't have any idea about how the process would pan out but have been extremely pleased the way everything has worked out.Communication was excellent throughout. Timings were given and they were always adhered to at each phase.On receiving my initial sketch for the song You, She & Me, Gary requested my feedback. As I don't play an instrument or read music, I am a complete novice and had only my intuition to work with. Nevertheless one of the great things about this process it that Gary, Chris and the team make you feel valued and part of the collaborative process. My suggestions were undoubtedly attentively listened to and implemented. The Songbay team really do take on board the clients brief and go above and beyond to make that come to fruition. Feedback is given in a professional, friendly and encouraging manner that put me at my ease.Based on my first experience of using this service, they are genuinely trying to produce a song that resonates with your wishes and make it the best song it can possibly be. The Songbay Lyrics to Song team have taken average lyrics and through great composition. orchestration, arrangement etc. have turned it into a very good song.It is really exciting and rewarding hearing the journey of the song from the initial sketch to its completion and feeling that you are part of that collaboration.It's a wonderful thing to hear your first song and recall its humble beginnings.I would unreservedly recommend trying out this service.Songbay Artist Page:

Hi Samantha. Thank you for such a thoughtful review. Our work is so much easier when we have a strong lyric to work with; this one certainly was! We really enjoyed working with you and look forward to our next collaboration! 🙂

I've just recently received my completed song. Gary, Chris and the whole team done a fantastic job of it. I can't wait to share it with everyone soon. It's called 'Paper Thin' . Also I look forward to working with yous all in the future. Would recommend the service to anyone thinking about getting their lyrics turned into a song.

Thank you so much to the Songbay team for bringing my lyrics to life with your Lyric to Song service. The guys at Songbay listened to my ideas and produced an amazing, professional finished song. Communication was maintained throughout the whole process and the team acted on my ideas and feedback; it was great that we had the same ideas! Thanks everyone - looking forward to doing it all again!

Thanks. I Love You All

I have been writing lyrics and poetry for several years but I do not have the experience or skills to write the accompanying music, play an instrument and sing/produce the song. There were so many times I would think to myself, "This is a solid lyric that could turn into a beautiful and meaningful song if only I could compose music and sing." Well, enter into the picture Songbay and their "Lyric to Song" process. This service is a gamechanger for me. Finally, my lyrics can be brought to life! Working with the Songbay team was a pleasure. They are creative, collaborative, responsive and deliver on their commitments. Hearing my song for the first time was a total life thrill for me! Thank you Songbay for being such a gift to the music community and for the support you provide to so many song writers, musicians, vocalists, and composers!

Hi Annemarie. Lovely to hear- thank you 🙂

Thanks to the team at Songbay for all your help ! I've just completed my first sale on Songbay and am impressed with their efficiency, professionalism and their willingness to help!If I could give more than five stars, I would!

Thanks Gary, Chris and all the team at SongbayI have written a review before but wanted to up date it.I have been with Songbay now for about 8 months and have used the Lyric to song/Song improvement service 12 times, with many more planned. I have already sold 2 licenses!Every time I get a song back it becomes my new favorite! These guys are world classmusicians/singers/composers/arrangers and super friendly, helpful, creative professionals who make it affordable to turn your work into something pretty awesome! They take the time to understand what you want and make that happen.Whether you are a pro or a beginner or somewhere in between, they care about making the most of your lyrics/songs and it shows. I can't speak highly enough of the quality they deliver. They have gone above and way beyond my expectations.Thanks Gary, Chris and all the team. You guys are my heroes!Songbay Artist Page >>

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