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  • Not Guilty

    By Doug Haberman

    Not Guilty
    Lyrics by Doug Haberman

    You always say my evil is subliminal
    You make me feel, make me feel like a criminal
    I’m up to no good but we’re in cahoots
    Your hand’s on the trigger, this pistol shoots

    If I’m guilty, I beg you, tell me my crime
    If I’m guilty, believe me, I’ll do the time
    I taped every mom...
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  • This Heartache's All On Me

    By Patrick Cooney

    This heartache's all on me
    You're the one but in reality
    Some walls were not meant to break through
    No matter what I may say or may do

    No one ever said life's fair
    Been searching this world for someone who'll care
    A broken heart's such a high price to pay
    Should've listened to what you had to say

    Not sure why it ended lik...
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  • Modern Technology

    By Alkolol

    I'm gonna tell you, what technology means,
    it is knowledge of using tools and machines.
    Techniques,systems and methods of organization,
    in order to save a problem, use modification.
    We had to adapt to our natural environment,
    construction and medication came as a friend.

    Tools aren't for fools,
    we use them cause they're cool...
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  • Got a Woman on My Mind

    By David Trionfetti

    Love is a burden I carry through eternity. (x2)
    The chains ‘round my neck grow heavy as I try to break free.

    Howl at the moon. I’m keeping the wolves at bay. (x2)
    What you see in the dark looks different in the light of day.

    Sour hearts trudging through the mire and the muck
    Coming to collect on a deal that you struck
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    I look at my life from a few years ago
    Now, I'm wondering where did it all go
    Times have changed; and not for the best
    You're really putting our patience to the test
    What you are doing is totally insane
    Totally unjustified, racist and inhumane

    You're causing pain - But you just won't see
    That you are causing a catastrophe
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