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  • A Love Crime

    By Dwayne

    “ A Love Crime “
    “verse 1”
    Damn, you now tellin’ me
    You’re not a committer
    You’re just a “boy toy” hunter
    It so happened you ran into me
    A real gentleman

    All the signs w...
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  • Forgiveness

    I’ve made mistakes / I have, I’ve made mistakes
    You’ve made mistakes / we all have made mistakes
    Ain’t no retakes / no way, Ain’t no retakes
    Just Drop that shit / be sure to learn from it
    We’ll make mistakes / become experience
    - Makes my brain ache / being confr...
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  • Walk into Night

    By Doug Haberman

    Walk into Night
    Lyric by Doug Haberman

    I see the day go down behind you
    You just keep walking into night
    Nothing I do will matter to you
    You didn’t ever like the light
    You have your needs, you satisfy them
    You never cared what others felt
    When there are mists you reach out for them
    You see their shapes and watch them cha...
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  • The key freestyle

    By G

    I have my eyes on the prize.
    Numb from my surroundings,
    I pushed the pain aside.
    Doing what is necessary,
    to survive.
    I have too much to lose to be the person who died.

    Still I try,
    to keep my head above waters.
    I got to take a risk and move forward,
    go farther.
    But this road I'm on,
    only seems to get darker.
    I kno...
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    By Hope


    We were together so long, it’s been an age
    I should be bitter and full of rage
    I loved you once, that can’t be all bad
    Now that we’re over.…. It’s just Sad


    I’ll pull my respect around like a cloak
    And bite back the words before they are spoke
    You’re over the fence, I hope it is...
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