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  • Running From Tomorrow

    By Solange Thomas

    I feel what’s left of my blue heart leave my chest,
    Each time you walk out the door,
    Head buried in the pillow with my lips pressed,
    Heard your footsteps on the floor...

    It’s like I’m running from tomorrow,
    Thought you were giving your love all to me,
    Instead you brought me all this sorrow,
    Can’t find my way ; how can this...
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  • Soul of stone

    By Billy Fleming

    From a dream
    He awakens
    A soul
    Caged and forsaken
    Four years
    Taken off the clock
    A shepherd
    Without a flock
    Emotions stripped away
    Company gone astray
    They'll never leave him alone
    Man with the soul of stone
    Returned from Hell
    Rotting corpse
    Empty shell
    A home now hollow
    A bitter pill
    To hard to swal...
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  • Doggies

    By Kevin Roberts

    She always was a good dog, she followed me everywhere,
    She’d sit while I was eating, just knowing that I would share.
    We both grew up together, since I was a little girl,
    I couldn’t keep her by my side, whenever she saw a squirrel.

    Daddy why is it doggies, don’t live as long as us?
    Why can’t it be the same dog...
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  • Wake Up

    By Brooke Allyson

    Verse 1
    Oh when the darkness covers
    The ocean
    Will you believe
    You’re chosen
    Don’t you run away
    Time has come
    For change

    Wake up and seize the day
    You’re so high
    You fly above the rain
    Wake up can you hear the sound
    You’re so high
    You never touch the ground

    Verse 2
    Oh when your heart is broken
    And ...
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  • Club Cronicles

    By Nomadic Extra Large

    Verse 1:

    When Im Up In The Club You Know It Goes Down, Drinks Up Pour It Up Girls Drop It Down, To The Floor Give Me More Of What Im Asking For, Just Cause You Twerk All Night Don't Mean Your A Whore, I Don't Look At You No Less, Your Still A Queen, To Me In My Reality Its Like A Dream, That I Never Wanna Leave, Yo Im Stuck Here, ...
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