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  • So dark you're beautiful: an act of malice

    By The curse ft.the lunacy of mestastaroth

    Opening(female lead)

    I'm not
    an act of malice

    I'm lost upon my death
    Come lay with alice

    My tomb awakens all
    Evil has prepared me

    I've lost all but my will
    May god forsake me


    God's breath bestowed
    Life unto all

    I never knew the fall
    But I'm exalted above ...
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  • Lets Get Stones

    By MZ

    VERSE 1 -
    When I close my eyes
    I think of you
    I'ts like a memory
    I can't shake
    And when I fall asleep
    I dream of you
    That's why I don't wanna be awake

    HOOK -
    But I don't know
    If you are
    Thinking of me
    Do you stare at your phone
    hoping for for the message tone
    with a text that reads

    CHORUS -
    Yes I remember you ...
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  • The 11th Hour


    Can you hear ?
    The message rippling through the quantum field
    Can you catch?
    It’s meaning or have you put up your psychic shield
    Free your Soul
    From slavery in these dark, dark times
    It takes more,
    Than bravery to fight Ego’s depravity so we have to:

    Come together as One
    As time ticks away
    We’ve got to believe
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  • You cannot touch the Blues

    By Border Reiver

    Where do you travel to when you get so low?
    When people hurt you but strike no blow
    What is this place that has no floor?
    Why can’t I walk away and shut the door.

    You cannot touch the blues it seems it hurts your soul and kills your dreams
    You cannot touch the blues it seems it hurts your soul and kills your dreams

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    By Patrick Power

    The bars they are all closed now, the band sang the blues
    A bargain bottle of gut rot nothing left to lose
    He stole my name
    Look up from the gutter lost in confusion
    Through the bottom of the bottle see the final solution
    High upon a distant hill in the middle of nowhere
    Who’ll love me now

    He stole my name

    They called ...
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