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  • Don't wake me up

    By Claire E

    Pick me up, dust me down
    Promise me, you'll always be around
    Kiss my cheek, my bruises fade
    Make me feel I can face another day

    I need your hands to steady me
    To guide me along, the way

    If I fall, would you catch me
    If I break, will you fix me up
    Cos I don't want to wake, no I
    Don;t want to wake up from you

    Tell me th...
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  • Different

    By Tangy

    When I was 16 years old
    I never thought I would be chosen
    to face the cruelty of all
    my friends the rock I had
    all left without a word
    now am hopeless all alone

    I never asked to be so different
    to see the world differently
    to be fighting frequently
    to fix myself so that i can be loved

    looking back I felt so small
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  • Deathsentence

    By Tyler Phillis

    Don't tell me this is the end, because it feels like our love has just begun, and I haven't seen all the things that we had planned but it looks like that situation just might change.
    So don't say how long we have left, those kind of word should remain unsaid, don't mention it I don't want time ticking over our heads.

    We just go...
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  • Just walk away

    By Lamontt Cottrell

    Leave me, leave me
    Walk on out the door.
    Leave me, just like everybody did.
    It's OK don't have no hesitation just walk right out that door. Please leave....

    Yeah, go on out the door walk out the door. Just like you've done each time before. Many times I've watched you go out that door. But each time I knew you'd be back ...
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    By Kendall Waters

    Hook: Lets take a big jump,
    Girl make that booty pump,
    We just living, Having Fun,
    Bring the life to the club,
    Yeah we get it, In the cut,
    All breezys chill with us!

    Verse: We cooking in the basement,
    Looking like some players,
    On the old iphone,
    Just tryna find an Ace Chick,
    I make hits,
    They stay hi...
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