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  • Do You Believe in God By Big H Productions

    By Big H

    - [ ] Do you beleave in god yes I do might as well be true he live in me and I won’t set him free he guide my heart stealing me from the dark I’m honored to serve him spreading his love even though he lock in side of me he say it cool this where he wanted to be told me the plan he in woman and man he said son in a watcher clock ...
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  • Lessons For Fools

    By STEVE.T

    You keep on telling me
    that I'm your best friend
    cause when everyone runs out on you
    it's just me left in the end
    thats when you say
    that you love me, and I'm say'n back, that I love you to
    and I know I'm a fool, cause thats what fools do


    I'm nobody'...
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  • Love song

    By Justin Trahan

    If you’re waiting on
    This to be a love song
    This is not that kind
    So take it out of your mind
    This is to tell
    The story I know to well
    It’s about all the cost
    About love and then lost

    It’s about drinking
    It’s about thinking
    Whee you are in life
    When it was gong just right
    It’s about all the things
    That t...
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  • Two Young Lovers

    By Kristy

    Two young lovers that are meant to be
    Just so you know I see
    So differently now that I found you
    Can't wait for the day when I say I do
    You're always there when something goes wrong
    Always tell me to stay strong
    Hold me when I'm not feeling good
    All the problems in life you always understood
    We never really argue or fight
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  • Thanking God

    By Justin Trahan

    He said she had to leave my side
    And the day she died
    She looked up just to say
    Thank you for the days
    Watch out for our baby
    And y’all mean the world to me
    And everyday we live
    We should learn how to forgive
    And no I am not mad
    I thank God for the time we had

    She was my everything
    I use to sneak In to watch her s...
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