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  • Time

    By Hope



    Time is all relative or so I’ve heard said

    And the past can be present inside of my head

    Love is a timeline that can sometimes run straight

    But ours is a circle that we just cannot break.


    The past can be painful and hard to revisit

    But that was back then and we just had to live it

    Our lov...
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  • Misty Mexican Morning


    Verse 1
    She was the tavern owners daughter
    He had flow in from Brazil
    The lightening it flashed,thunder it roared
    As the rivers rushed down from the hills
    She looked at his face,flashed her brown eyes
    Came to him without warning
    This thing occurred to his surprise
    On a Misty Mexican Morning

    Verse 2
    Making love on a wild a...
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  • Sit In Reflextion

    By Eddie Halfpenny

    Sit in Reflection

    Verse 1:
    Every day I was with you, was a day more in Heaven and my heart was filled with love,
    I can’t express how it feels, now we’re not together it hurts to say those words,
    In the pit of my stomach I’m missing your love; I’m missing the things that we’d do,
    But of all the things missing in my li...
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  • Another Dawn Raid

    By TheFreeMan

    Another Dawn Raid
    I’m in my bed so warmly wintering,
    Half-asleep and one-eyed squintering
    G D A
    At the dim light of the morning as it nears ever closer to my bed.
    I so want to stay asleep you see,
    But morning’s come again attacking ...
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