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  • Sodom will fall (gothic rock) den 16 december 2018 00:19

    By Johnatan Lee Davis Experience

    in soul and heart
    Your day will come
    Light or darkness.
    Praise or isolation

    When its time
    For your choice
    Then you cant hide
    Behind the veil
    Of denial of your
    evil deeds

    in soul and heart
    Your day will come
    Light or darkness.
    Praise or isolation

    The time will come
    When Sodom will fall
    Light s...
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  • Change the past

    By Justin Trahan

    There’s a lot of things I think about
    While I write a song
    Like how I was wrong

    It comes so easy
    I think of you I think of me
    And how it use to be

    But from paper to a mouth
    The things that I’m seeing now
    It just wasn’t meant to see
    At the time when we were we

    I don’t know if you ever bring up
    How we use t...
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  • strung for you

    By Yournamehere

    whoa o here we go againnn
    memories, history
    grab a pen write it down

    here we go againnnn
    one more time
    to right this rhyme

    how can i write a song when everything is wrong
    i cannot play for you im so out of tune

    here we are againnn
    write it down
    your diary
    how you die for me

    im so out of tune its true
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  • Not that drunk yet

    By jerry freemann

    I say my name and then your eyes
    will open up and show surprise
    so will ask about your name
    you say it or at least that’s what you claim

    the table is bit wobbly here
    the bottles fall with wine and beer
    there’s different labels but the taste – the same

    there’s music on the radi-o
    the songs that I don’t...
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  • The Pound Dogs Barking

    By TheFreeMan

    The Pound Dogs Barking
    The dogs tonight, and every night

    They bark their lonely, hopeless, desperate, helpless bark.
    D A
    Why am I here? And where has gone my home?
    Why ...
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