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  • Your Way

    By Tornados Behind Rainbows

    Look at it -- now -- just what do you mean to do
    Pulling back your foreskin doesn’t look too good for you
    Your aid is needed here but it’s just sumthin that you’ll screw
    fxxx it like a baby -- exploitist -- rapist too
    Mouthin like a fluent but I see you coming through
    Yet I’m the one with arms in air like what the fxxx ...
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  • Your Help Is Needed

    By Zachary W. Fisher d/b/a Sweet Jesus Enterprises, Inc.

    I often wonder why my heart is beating oh so fast
    And why my mind is often thinking ‘bout my childhood past
    When all I have to do is think about the days to come
    And I must ask myself just why I haven’t come undone

    Your help is needed
    I’m calling 911
    Your help is needed
    before the day is done
    Because I’m stuck, stu...
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  • Breathe

    By Ward Lane

    “breathing sound”

    She caught my eye as she walked in
    I could not turn, stunned and paralyzed
    Affixed on a beauty, I’ve never seen before
    I couldn’t leave
    I couldn’t ignore
    I fell in love, I lost my breath

    Beauty so pure, passion immense
    She catches my breath
    Frozen, my heart intense
    I need to breathe
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  • It's Too Late


    I don't wanna hear your love for me
    I hate every white dove I see
    Love it hits hard but it's tiny to me
    Been like fxxx it ever since you been lying to me
    It's too late (x4)
    I don't wanna hear your love for me
    I hate every white dove I see

    Ain't no cupid bow and arrow, mofos stick me like a porcupine
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  • Comme ci, comme ça

    By J.R. Mallard

    Comme ci, comme ça

    Je t’aime quand tu te réveilles
    Au p’tit matin
    Entre mes bras
    Je t’aime quand tu t’émerveilles
    De petits riens
    De n’import’ quoi

    Je t’aime comme ci
    Je t’aime comme ça

    Je t’aime dans ta robe Chanel
    Sac en satin
    Écharpe de soie
    Je t’aime dans ta douce flanelle
    Avec des chie...
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