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  • Everyone Dies

    By Harry eto

    Its hope when fear meets legendary
    Its even when the odds meet the ordinary
    Two times for the ones in the cemetery
    Everyone dies, everyone dies
    Is all you’d tell me
    Everyone dies, everyone dies
    If you ask me

    Verse 1
    I light up in my darkness
    And see thru my blindness
    That reality is fake.
    If while I’m singing...
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  • Make Peace In The Mirror

    By MyndWyse

    Make peace in the mirror, see yourself for who are
    You can change, make it clearer, see yourself from afar/
    Make peace in the mirror, everyday fix a flaw/
    Pave a way that gets you nearer to a future filled with awe/

    Many turn of events can turn into tournaments/
    Rebuilding weakened connections instead of burning a bridge/
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    By Melvin Lightford LyristWriter/Author/Poet/Songwriter/Artist/Key board it/Bachelor of Science Marketing B.S.

    My dream woman will be loving and
    caring, and this I know.
    She'll know what to do without my
    even saying a word. Then, I will say,
    honey you have been there for me,and
    I'll be there for you.I know something
    about feelings. I am ready to lead you
    and show you by bringing you into a
    positive environment.

    Then, you'll enjo...
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  • As I Am

    By Lee Knox

    As I Am
    2020 by Lee Knox

    Your flamboyant style
    Sets you apart
    But what blew my mind
    Was your heart
    I could ramble all-day
    About how wonderful you are
    But I’m just glad I’m yours
    Thus far

    You’re a beautiful soul
    Both outside and in
    Your smile breaks me down
    Over and over again, that’s why

    I love y...
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  • Corona de Desesperanza

    By R4V3N

    Pesa en mi cabeza una corona
    Mientras que mi palacio se desploma
    Gruesas espinas de rosa derraman gotas rojas
    Que caen al piso y mojan la nieve que me arropa

    Ya no soporto este frío
    Tengo todo lo que siempre quise desde crío
    Pero ahora que lo tengo no sé si llamarlo mío
    Cuando me abriga la soledad y mi rostro resulta som...
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