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  • My Sleep

    By nimleen

    please ! leave me alone
    you demons, get gone
    i am trying, i am dying
    this unknown feeling
    inside me its crawling
    gnawing its claws deep
    taking away my sleep

    i beg you, go away
    stop it please! not today
    i need peace, i want peace
    let me fall asleep
    come to me my sweet sleep

    evil you, you bastard
    filling me with ha...
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  • To the Abyss

    By Ursus den Gale

    To the Abyss

    I struggle every day of my life
    just to eat a shitty pizza slice
    i roll the dice once or twice
    every time i get low eyes
    i want my piece of the stars
    but instead i get deseases and sars
    maybe im harsh
    but life tought me that everything is a manipulated fars
    Im not afraid to die
    i look forward to it wihout b...
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    You have got to be kidding!
    How much more do I have to try?
    Why on earth can't you see -
    do you have dust in your eye?!

    I want to sing loud and proud,
    but my voice is lost in the cloud.
    I want to move your freakin' mind
    but maybe I just don't have it, I find.

    Listen up musos, I have something to say...
    There is this gr...
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  • OG Bobby Johnson ( Remix )

    By Benjamin Dillinger

    Word on the street I ain't dead yet
    Word on the street be sure as shit
    For these niggas snitching
    And they snitching ass bitches...
    50 cal. Kisses
    Mothafxxxa ima trap lord

    I dont get hit nigga
    I bob n weave n blast back at em
    bitch nigga on the ground now
    I walk up like.... you filthy mufxxxa
    Any last words, keep ...
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  • Like you never left

    By Phoenix Low

    When we’re together, it’s like you never left
    yeah you stole my heart, but I didn’t report the theft
    now I’m talking funny
    as if I have a cleft, on my palate
    if you want maybe I’ll toss your salad
    even tell you a joke so you can laugh about it
    but when you leave and you're gone
    it makes me feel as if all those fe...
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