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    By Masashi


    You know that nothing matters to me
    When you're in pain
    Just looking at your eyes
    I hear you say a million words

    Feeling helpless in the world so cruel
    My belief system shaken to the core
    And you've showed me the way

    Being caught in a pitch-black hole
    My pride shattered to the bone
    And you've showed me...
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  • To be children these days

    By Anand

    Verse 1

    The man on the track said you better get back
    This is no playground for you
    There's danger out here, enough for you to fear
    You better go back home


    We wander what's up with the folks of today
    Oh, what a maze
    To be children these days

    We wander what's up with the folks of today
    Oh, what a maze
    To ...
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  • I Holler for You

    By James Osswald

    I like to look at our old photographs
    Reminds me of days long past
    Like the pic we took on the beach
    The warm sand under our feet
    Those were much happier days
    I would laugh at the things you say
    There are no more cheerful smiles
    I miss you you've been gone for awhile

    I holler for you
    I holler for you
    I ...
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  • Moonlight Mirage

    By William

    Verse 1:
    In the moonlight's elusive gleam,
    A mirage appears, like in a dream.
    Stars above, in a cosmic collage,
    Lost in the enchantment of moonlight mirage.

    Moonlight mirage, a fleeting art,
    In the quiet, where dreams impart.
    Whispers of wonder in the night's barrage,
    Caught in the allure of moonlight mirage.

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    By Itsasecret

    Moonlight in your face
    You live for the crowd but you turn away
    When you play you don’t play for me
    It’s oh such a shame that we didn’t hear

    The call of heaven on us
    I’ts so difficult to move on
    But i’ve been holding on
    See if angels come down
    and makes us one

    But we’re falling ...
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