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  • All I need is you.

    By Kieren Frewen

    Long day, long week. So tired I can’t even sleep. And my Boss is on my case, he’s always in my face, then I think that my whole life is out of place

    But when I come home your still there. And I can talk to you because I know that you care, my life’s so rough I, sometimes I don’t know what to do, but then I realise that ma...
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  • Emotional Disguise

    By Wannabe Singer

    It seemed so perfect
    Even I thought
    I was not worth it
    That I am not giving back
    Like a true leader of this pack
    You blinded my sight
    To make me feel that
    You are always right

    You made me feel worthless
    Made everything to me pointless
    You played me like a fool
    Made me feel like a tool
    But the one t...
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  • Light It Up

    By Shayan Tabbakh

    It’s a quarter till dawn
    I been up since dusk
    Your slowly rising up
    Like the city and the dust
    You fire up the kettle
    Then you search for your mug
    You never say good morning
    Except to your drugs
    So light it up, light it up
    Light it up, light it up

    Now you’re sitting in the city
    But you haven’t settled yet
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  • Ride the wave

    By Lionel

    Tell me how you ride the wave, my mate,
    And show me how you ride the wave
    Taking on the Gale that shall never abate
    And the Pacific that shall never behave

    Not the crests on a deathly embrace
    Or the troughs tearing the oceans apart
    None dares to upset your poise
    O’ lonely Seagull, gliding on the froth

    Tell me how you ri...
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  • Clumsy

    By Tricia Malek

    Sunshine Girl breezed into town
    Happy Day – so lucky that you came my way
    Brilliant smile you had that made me glad
    To be with you – a dream come true

    You’re not like any other girl I’ve known
    You don’t want a car or the latest phone
    Don’t want a ring or any other bling
    You are certainly the real thing

    All I ...
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