Lyric-to-Song Service at Songbay

Lyric-to-Song Service at Songbay


Lyric-to-Song Service at Songbay


“Any style, any genre, any instrument- we bring your lyrics to life”

Here at Songbay, we believe that all lyricists should be able to have their lyrics turned into songs.

If you do not compose music, sing, or play an instrument, or think it would be too expensive to have your lyrics turned into complete songs, we have come up with an amazing offer for you.

Take a listen to the examples of songs we compose, arrange, and record for our Songbay lyricists-You give us the lyric and we turn it into an amazing song, performed and recorded by some of the world’s finest session musicians and singers. Once completed, it will available for purchase in all the world’s music stores!

Our lyric-to Song service starts from just £295!

Lyric-to-Song. Why do lyricists need this service?

We know that it can be frustrating when you do not have an outlet for the words you’ve created and love. In addition, it can be almost impossible to break into the music industry with lyrics alone since most publishers do not accept ‘lyric only’ submissions.

So how do you find and collaborate with trustworthy composers and musicians (with a proven track record) who are willing and able to turn your lyrics into completed songs? That’s where we come in – Our lyric-to-song service – does exactly this – and more! Show us your lyric and we’ll turn it into a professionally recorded original song, based entirely around your stylistic requirements.

Recent Songbayteam Songs!

below the lyricist gave us the lyric and their style request, and we did the rest!


We add music to your lyrics!

We provide a service to help Songbay lyricists turns their lyrics into songs- the cost of this service to you is heavily subsidised from other areas of the company. The true cost, that is, if you were to walk into a professional studio and ask for song to be written from scratch, then recorded, mixed and produced by a professional creative team of composers, session musicians and producers, would be very much higher than the fee you pay- so a few thousand dollars instead of a few hundred dollars is about the true price! A quick numbers count should help to make this clear-The average song from start to finish takes us around 7 to 21 days to complete, with at least 2 -5 entire days spent recoding in the studio. So our fee to you, divided by the entire production team (5-10 people on average), including singers, musicians, composers, engineers, producers) and the hours worked, doesn’t go very far. In fact, it expires within the first few hours!

So as well as turning your lyric into a song- you get to own 50% of this new creation (50% of the composing and 50% of the publishing rights to the song to be precise). We retain the other half, in the hope that we might one day be able to share with you in any future profits or at the very least, might recoup our production costs!

Lyric-to Song – Key Benefits

  • Quality – Your lyric will be turned into a completely original and professionally crafted song, created by our expert songwriters and session musicians
  • Style – The song will be composed and informed by your lyric, and arranged and recorded to your stylistic requirements
  • Advice – We can support you through the process – offering expert opinion and feedback on lyrics, arrangement, and stylistic suggestions to optimize the end result
  • Value – Our lyric-to-song prices are hugely discounted for Songbay members and affordable to all budgets.
  • Speed – No wasted time. On average, we offer a 7-21 day turnaround
  • Terms – You retain 100% control of your lyric
  • All-Inclusive – Our fees include everything – all composing, arranging, live-performance (session musician fees), studio/instrument hire, recording, editing, and production time. They are subsidized and discounted. To give you an appreciation, most professional studios charge £50-£150 just for a couple of hours of studio hire, and nothing else!
  • Royalties – Receive royalty payments. Remember, unless a lyric is set to music, it cannot generate any music royalties

Lyric-to Song – Choices

We offer three versions:


  • The Melody and Chord version. We will turn your lyric into a basic demo recording. It will consist of a lead vocal and one or two accompanying instruments. Price £295


  • The Muti Instrumental version. As above, our team will then go on to turn your lyric into a fully arranged originally composed song in the style of your choice, with multiple verses, chorus, intro’s, bridges, etc. It will consist of a lead vocal, plus backing vocals, and at least 4 other instruments. Price £350


  • The Fully Produced version. This is a ‘radio ready version’, perfect for immediate release into the shops. Our team will turn your lyric into a fully arranged originally composed song in the style of your choice, with multiple verses, chorus, intro’s, bridges, etc. It will consist of a multi tracked lead vocals, 2-10 multi-layered backing vocals, 8-25 other instruments, plus optimized song structuring/arrangement, mixing, and professional mastering. Price £500


Lyric-to Song – Methodology

Our approach is the same for all lyric-to-song versions, we first check the stylistic requirements and any melodic or harmonic ideas that you may already have. We can, of course, advise on all of this. We may suggest slight lyric changes to help with rhythmic flow, or even additional lyric content for contrasting bridge sections, intros, and outros, etc, or for linking one section to another. Once we have a clear directional overview, we make a start with the composing of melodic and harmonic ideas emanating from the lyric. We always work from the lyric, never the other way round, i.e., we never superimpose music onto the text. Our music evolves naturally from the lyric, giving all our songs musical synergy.
In terms of the time frame, we usually send a rough sketch to the user within 48 hours. Once the song is fully composed, we then record it with the required instrumentation/ session musicians. It is then mixed and professionally produced and delivered back to you in professional audio WAV, MP4 and MP3 formats.

Lyric-to Song – Our Experience

Collectively, our songwriting team are involved in all aspects of the music industry, including film composing, songwriting, lyric writing, music production, arranging, recording, mixing, mastering, session singing, and vocal coaching. We have written and recorded in session with artists such as Kasabian, Keane, Ellie Goulding, Ed Sheeran, Gary Barlow, INXS, Nick Cave & The BadSeeds, Patti Labelle, John Lee S-Club 7, Jamie Cullum, West One Music, Faye Tozer Steps, Amy Pearson, Gareth Gates and Dagny (to name a few). Members of our team have also been involved with prominent London West End musicals, including Les Miserables and Billy Elliot. In the Orchestral and Opera world, with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, RTE Ireland, The Royal Opera House Covent Garden, and Wessex Opera. Recent clients include The BBC, ITV, BBC Radio, Channel 5, BRMB, Endemol Shine, and Tiger Aspect. Corporate clients include Toyota, , Huawei, Cunard, DFDs Seaways, Konica

Lyric-to Song – Contractual Information

Our terms are very fair! Full terms and conditional can be seen here: Terms and Conditions >>

Lyric-to Song – Sign Up form

Our fee covers absolutely everything. To get started your lyrics turned into songs, please use the link below.

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