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Songwriting thought of the day!

Is your lyric structured correctly?

Lyrics are designed to work with songs, therefore your lyric needs to have a song structure. Are you completely familar with song structures? For commercial, pop, country, rock, soul, hip hop songs, you need to have clearly defined sections. This is the most common song structure:
  • Verse 1
  • Chorus
  • Verse 2
  • Chorus
  • Bridge
  • Chorus
So when writing lyrics,  you should indicate the song structure sections on your lyric. This way the composer knows how your lyric is intended to work. Here's a great article on this very subject >>  

Have your lyrics turned into original Songs at Songbay

lyric to song

  Lyrics turned into songs at Songbay ‘How do I get my lyrics turned into songs?’ ‘Is there a music songwriting service for lyricists?’- These are questions we are often asked at Songbay. If you are struggling to find songwriters/composers for your lyrics, you can have your lyrics turned into fully completed original songs by our expert team of songwriters and session musicians. The service is proving to be very popular! It can be tough for lyricists to get into Continue Reading…

Songbay lyric writing competition

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Songbay lyric writing competition Lyric Writing Competition now open To celebrate the launch of two new features, we are launching the Songbay Lyric Competition.       Prizes Winners – The writers of the two strongest lyrics submitted will receive free use of our new ‘Lyric-to-Music service >>‘. Their winning lyrics will be turned into professionally recorded original songs by our songwriting team and then published and promoted on Songbay. The winners will be able to use the songs as they wish. They Continue Reading…

Songwriting features coming in October 2019

Improve your lyrics at songs at Songbay

Improve your lyrics and Songs at Songbay We are excited to announce the launch of two new songwriting features coming soon to Songbay!   Lyrics-to-music at Songbay For Lyricists. You will soon be able to have your lyrics turned into complete songs by our specialist songwriting team. Send us your lyrics and we will turn them into professionally recorded original songs containing melody, harmony, live vocals and instruments – in the style of your choice. Use the songs as you wish; Continue Reading…

Buying Choices at Songbay

Which buying option should I choose when purchasing original Lyrics or Songs at Songbay? Please use this simple widget to help you find the perfect buying option for you.

Buy Lyrics, OK, but what makes a Good Lyric?

Sell Lyrics

What makes a good lyric?   Buy Lyrics at Songbay? ‘What makes a good lyric’? Do you want to buy lyrics? Do you want to sell lyrics? If so, ‘you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of them, all of the time’ – as the saying goes.  This applies when selling and buying lyrics at Songbay. What do you want your lyrics to do? Are you trying to appeal to everyone or a Continue Reading…

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