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Artist: NinaZar
Artist's Description
This song should have a young pulse and must include a first musical part based on rap and the second on pop rock .

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Pop, Classic Rock
Mood(s): Bright, Fast, Romantic
Style(s): Beach Party, Dramatic Soundtrack, Nightclub, TV Drama
Language(s): English
Extended License:$200.00


By NinaZar
Hey what’s up ?
I have no message to lift me up ! ...
Nothing from you when I wake up !
Nothing to make me even stand up ...!

Hey what’s up ?
Where have you been ?
Without you so lonely I have been
Say one word and here I’m in !
Cos me with you I always win !

I’ve been checking in all my mail
In my WhatsApp and my e.mail

Nothing you wrote to lift me up
Not any reason to wake me up !

Not even a word and not a sign
Do you think I should simply resign ?

So come on now ... give me that sign
Send me a message without design !

Hey what’s up there in your life ?
Your silence cuts me like a knife !

What’s up with you and with your heart ?
Are you just trying to play it hard ?!
Or even worst , to play it smart ?!

If your mood is down or if it’s up
Send me a message and wake me up !
Tell me what’s wrong ... I’ll hurry up ...
I’ll do my best to cheer you up !

And I’ll try again to do my best
To make you from your troubles rest
Cos I don’t care about the rest
Not even the slightest interest !

Hey what’s up there in your mind ?
If you’re so sad then never mind !
You don’t need me to just remind
That only with me your rest you’ll find !

Hey what’s up why do you still stand ?
Is there something I should understand ?!
Please don’t say I’m just a friend ...
I’m not that dumb in the end !
So tell it to me true ... and your message send !

You know I love you ... deep in the end ...
And I’ll be waiting until the end
So why pretend ? ... yeah why pretend ?
It all depends on the message you’ll send ...

Yes ... !
There you are sending it to me
Saying how much you care for me !

Yes ! ...
There you are writing it to me ...
Telling me how much you do love me !

And there you are with your " what’s up " ?
Making me want to jump ... wake up !

Yes ... !
There you are and the sun is bright
Cos only with you I feel alright !

No need to ask again " what’s up ? "
Cos together this time we will
wake up

For the lonely days ... we’ll make it up
Cos we’ve been true without make up !

No need for games or for pretend
Cos love wins always in the end !

No need for more messages to send
Cos we learned somehow to understand
That without love we cannot stand !
And we both found our home sweet land !

We’ll be together just till the end !
No need for messages again to send !

Cos we wrote the best message of end ...
The message of a great love till the end !


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