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Shadows of Change

By Philip.H.Ness
No crumbs for hunger, no roof to hold me tight
Lost in life's vast expanse, searching day and night
Threadbare overalls, worn-out boots, alone in sight
I'll find a way, break free, take flight.

Decay erases my once-strong smile, poverty's toll
A barren desert within, a fire in my soul
But together we'll rise, our spirits uncontrolled
We'll overcome, together we'll grow.

Their bellies echo drought, hunger in their hands
Restless nights, like an owl's vigilant stand
No refuge in sight, just shifting sands
We'll fight for change, take a stand.

We pleaded, desperate plea, falling on deaf ears
No solace, no relief, drowning in our fears
But we'll find strength, united through the years
Together we'll break through, wipe away our tears.

In desperation, we petitioned, demanded action
Explained our plight, seeking satisfaction
But they brushed us aside, blaming automation
We won't back down, ignite the revolution.

Once thriving, now depleted, we stand tall
Our resources stolen, our dreams on call
Cheaper elsewhere, a globalized downfall
We'll rebuild, rise above it all.

Dreams shattered, jobs lost, echoes in the night
But we won't be silenced, we'll stand up and fight
A service-based economy won't make us ignite
We'll forge a future, shining bright.

Job losses, decline, we won't be confined
Limited opportunities, but our spirits won't resign
"It's just business," they say, with a cold embrace
We'll prove them wrong, win the race.

We bear the burden, but our will won't break
Struggling, stressed, but determination won't forsake
Together we'll rise, the change we'll make
Stronger together, we'll overcome, no mistake.


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