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Finest thot

Artist: souloe
Artist's Description
This is you know what I invented the word thot or the slang term thot real stuff

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Rap Metal
Mood(s): Fun
Style(s): Bollywood, Desire, Dramatic Soundtrack
Language(s): Chinese,English,German,Russian

finest thot

By souloe
a relationship wont work out are marriage burned the church down
oh you gonna hurt now
of yours ill be first out
u put me threw the dirt now
may my prayers be heard out
her hells what I caught but I can settle for the finest thot /x2
ive cried for days cause for you ive made exchanges
to see you with happiness but love you lack the best
afraid to take a loss couldn't loose you your all I got
but oh wait
uve played me blind
ur love was none of mine
now ive seen how you really are
seem u have a killer heart
eating every thing like a shark
it was just sex better play it smart
but shes the finest thot ...
verse 2
name one that give a woman a compliment for her tongue
see none she lick and drink up ah here I come
spiced rum spice girl I'm a futuristic spice 1
like ginger never the same gender
in the party my suite put the chocolate factory all up in her
to tender swear her ass fAt but she light as bamboo
got the razzi tryna sneak a cam threw
where gonna need some damn shrooms


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