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Something to Build

Artist: Asylum Avenue
Artist's Description
Written after band rehearsal, sometime in 2008--

Genre(s): Rock, Art Rock, Alternative Country, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Epic, Tension
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$80.00

Something to Build

By Asylum Avenue
I got a job to build my character;
some weights to build my physique;
a girl to build up my ego
even if I hit an early peak.
Well, the meter’s fed and ticking;
the goblet wants to be filled.
Get ready for Thanksgiving
‘cause we all need,
we all need, we all need
something to build.

The Christians, they built churches.
The Muslims, they built their mosques.
The Chinese built small shoes for their women –
much cheaper than socks.
In every holy place and age,
wherever wine has spilled;
you’d hear it called down from the chapels
and into the cage:
We all need,
we all need, we all need
something to build.

Built for power
Built for feel
Big skyscraper towering
In the Age of Steel
Built for pleasure
Built for speed
To build an image of ourselves
Is something we need

You can build things from the ground up,
from the floorboards and the vents;
You can start with some Spartan architecture –
even go back to sand and tents.
Yes, we can build it all and then some,
have it all rise above the cities until
we’re looking at things from Heaven
where they don’t need,
they don’t need, they don’t need
something to build.

© 2008, 2013 by Keith Charles Dovoric / Broken Pilgrim Songs


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