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Artist: J-Stunna
Artist's Description
This is a rap song about the struggles that the poor youth endure as they navigate through their lives from teens to young adults

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, General Rap
Mood(s): Dark, Thoughtful
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$107.00


By J-Stunna

Am looking for guidance but it’s never in abundance, role models of no real substance
Your words never reach me, am trying to be a man but who's there to teach me
Everybody's too busy trying to get ahead, strolling along like the walking dead
This path called life is so unclear and I only act to mask my fear
Abusing every substance known to mankind, gimme a break am only trying to unwind
And there’s plenty of us where am from, we all caught up in the eye of the storm
Sunny days are far and few in between, i gotta keep warm please pass the gin
Am really trying to be a responsible young male, somebody out there please post my bail
I ain’t leaning nothing in this prison cell, not asking for heaven but get me out of this hell
Just gimme same breaks as the next kid, a little faith in me that’s all i need


I might be right I might be wrong some will even say that am telling lies
But that won’t stop me from singing my song coz that’s how I see it in my eyes X(2)


They say my music is detrimental, but in the hood it’s so essential
Voice of the poor, the ghetto cure
They call us the vermin of the streets, but we're are just peeps trying to make ends meet
Living off the scraps of the well to do, poverty loves company so we hang in crews
I’d be lying if I was to say things are getting better, the truth is we’re headed for more stormy weather
Just look at all the youths not in school, roaming the streets with no clue what to do
With nothing to lose and nothing to live for, it’s a one way trip down the drain hole
Politicians they couldn’t care one bit, so we do what we gotta even though it’s not legit
It’s like a vicious cycle never to cease all I know is squalor, poverty and disease, I could never afford this college tuition fees
Nobody in my family ever got that far, yet we congregate every day at the local bar, a lost generation that’s who we are



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