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A passionate singer (I have had lessons for around 4 years), I have been writing songs for around a year and a half. Currently preparing for Open mic with 10 of my own songs. In May 2018 I attended a Songwriting course in London run by the Songwriting Academy. I will be attending a weekend retreat with them in September in Kent. In June I will be on a Songwriting holiday run by Darden Smith.
I run a facilitated Songwriting Circle in my own time.

I write for guitar. My strengths are lyrics and catchiness.

I write constantly, using any time the day presents to write. I store snippets from conversations, passing thoughts and inspiration from other places in my phone immediately so as not to lose all the wonderful words that come into my head. I am proud of the current standard of my writing and am always looking for development.


Currently perform at Open Mics and Student Showcases.

I am currently a member of a 6 female harmony group, which has recently been formed with a view to doing gigs. I have belonged to and performed in various Choirs including Riff Raff Rock and Pop Choir for 5 years, and Showstoppers while at Uni.


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