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Around Me They Grow

Artist: Richard Murray
Key Signature:
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
The character lamentsthe fact he has never been able to stay away from trouble.

Genre(s): Folk, Alternative Country, Folk Rock, Irish Celtic
Mood(s): Calm, Dreamy, Epic, Optimistic, Relaxed
Style(s): Ballad, Summer
Tempo: Slow
Language(s): English
Instrument(s): Band,Bass Drum,Bass-Electric,Cymbals,Drum Kit,Drums,Fiddle,Guitar-Accoustic,Guitar-Electric,Mandolin,Shakers,Violin,Vocals-Backing Vocals,Vocals-Sung,Folk Instruments
Vocal Type(s): Male Vocals,Mixed Vocals
File Type: MP3
Digital Download:$1.45
Cover Version:$22.75
Standard License:$145.00
Extended License:$245.00
BUY COPYRIGHT:$90,000.00

Fires and oceans
I could watch them
Forever, but oh
Around me they grow

Im a man for the song of the sirens
Im your man for wandering this island
Land or sea and never tiring
But I stand my ground when the guns are firing

Ive sailed the swells as man and halfling
Ireland's Teardrop to the shores of Rathlin
When the skies tore and storms were forming
Id take no leave of the beauty aborning


I found a wife from the valleys of Virginia
But sometimes you cant change whats within ya
Id just sit and watch her pine for Verona
Till she said Im leaving and I said I dont own ya.

I never learned when to stay still or sober
Friends fell away like leaves of October
Fights would flare in the bars of the harbour
Id think of her from the bars of Arbour


Walked in the evening along the Quay
Ive seen more sunsets than Im gonna see
And Ive been lower then Tennessee
On the strains of Shenandoah

But his voice rung sweet and easy
Like daring seas now fair and lazy
With a wary eye on horizon hazy
Ill hold the days of mercy




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