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Shame on Me

Artist: Mandy Vinson
Artist's Description
A song about being fooled by someone you love. I sing the song with an upbeat temp, but it could go either way.

Genre(s): Country, Pop, Alternative Country
Mood(s): Bitter
Style(s): Hanukkah
Language(s): English
Standard License:$25.00
Extended License:$75.00

Shame on Me

By Mandy Vinson
Verse 1:
That deep meaningful look
From your eyes is all it took
To have me wrapped around your finger
And held captive by all the splendor
I never would have known
Because your love felt so strong
I guess your love was just a monet
It was only perfect from far away

I was blind
To your lies
How could I be so nieve
To believe that you loved me
Such a fool
To think you'd ever be true
You fooled me once, fooled me twice
So shame on me

Verse 2:
I should have known from that first time
I saw you staring when she walked by
What looked to be an innocent glance
Turned out to be a long term romance
All those times in stayed up to wait
Because you said you were working late
Turns out that wasn't really a lie
I hope she paid you for over time


Verse 3:
Now I think I've learned for sure
Don't trust the next like the one before
He might have a perfect smile
But not be perfect for the end of the isle

Chorus ×1


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