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  • Get A Bag


    Go green get a bag
    Yeah (x4)
    Iced out cold swag
    Yeah (x4)
    Mask on wit a rag
    Yeah (x4)
    Getting money we play tag
    Yeah (x16)
    Go green get a bag
    Yeah (x4)
    Iced out cold swag
    Yeah (x4)

    Go is green, green is go, money green too
    Iced out cold swag farainheit 2
    Put a rag on you can't see what I do
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  • You're Sword Is Mightier Than My Pen

    By Patrick Cooney

    I tried, my best, but I failed
    To win, your heart, that ship, has now sailed
    Actions speak louder than words
    The words I told you, you think are for the birds

    But these words, come straight from my heart
    Who knows maybe someday, they will top the charts

    It is so hard for me because I have searched for so long
    Trying, to fi...
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  • You'll be the lonely one

    By Michelle Morris

    Yesterday the magic died,
    I saw the blankness in your eyes;
    The love so completely gone,
    Coldness left in your heart.

    I stood still and numb,
    Felt the rejection pierce my soul;
    And onto my knees I fell
    Into hell, into hell, into hell.

    Ooooh, where, oh where
    Has our love gone?
    (Gone, gone, gone)

    And why, o...
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  • Saudade

    By Alexander S

    This used to be
    My happy place
    It put a smile
    On my face

    Now it's sad
    Full of woe
    Nothing left
    Time to go

    You disappeared
    Out the door
    Left me here
    Wanting more...
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  • Heavenly Dreams

    By Angeliki R

    Verse 1
    Then he came in
    That's when I knew the stars smiled to me
    Wow, oh

    Gave me a glance
    That's when I knew, we would dance,
    Until the sun...

    Pre Chorus
    You wouldn't let me drink
    Then pushed harder/ Gave me what I need
    Said "It's alright love , just live a little"
    Come on/ Go on...

    Oh when I touch you I'm...
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