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Ain't that a Damn Shame

Artist: Kenneth Rogers Jr
Artist's Description
The history on this song is that we was sitting around someone made a joke about me running around to get my kids iPad fixed and that it sounds like a country song. So here we are. Feelings are emphasized as written in the lyrics.

Genre(s): Country, Alternative Country, General Country
Mood(s): Energetic, Fast, Fun, Lively, Silly
Style(s): Comedy, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$50.00

Ain't that a Damn Shame

By Kenneth Rogers Jr
Nobody *(Elongated, slow, get creative with the -y)*

Wants to repair my kid's iPad

*(upbeat fast tempo)*
I took it down the road
I took it to the city
Spent three whole days
All of 'em said it's gonna be one-fiddy

Brought it in, took it out
One look and they started to scream and shout
I can't fix it, it'll be double
I stood there, this is trouble

Nobody cares to put in the work
Whatever happened to that working class effort
Since I...

*(Modified Chorus)*
Took it down the road
Took it to the city
After three days, I said
What a pity

Now I'm at a loss
What do I do
Went to my friends
They're sure to come through
Gave me advice,
Walked me through it
Got unglued,
Then stuck it to it

And after, five days!

*(Modified Chorus)*
I took it down the road
Took it to the city
Saved a hundred fiddy
Learned a skill
Made my kid happy

*(starts to slow down, next two verses spoken)*
After all that work
Ain't that a damn shame
Kid dropped it again *(Again is elongated, slow, ahhhh-gaaaiiiinnnn)*


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