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Lion in Winter

Artist: Traz
Artist's Description
Critique of our attitude towards homelessness, especially those with mental illness living on the streets

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Freestyle Rap, General Hip Hop
Mood(s): Angry, Dark, Dramatic, Sad
Style(s): Alternative, Humanity, Poverty
Language(s): English
Lion in WinterStandard License:$75.00

Lion in Winter

By Traz
the sun shines the work grinds the long lines for good finds
and back on my street with plenty of heat
the man sleeps with no sheets
he talks on and on
bout days that are gone
and folks are they real?
and bethlehem steel

and there ain't no place
to give him some space
to feed him a meal, he missed todays deal

the hipsters walk by
and can't meet his eye
they think it's a pity, the way of this city
but what can they do
their own lives they see blue
old guy's in the way of me seizing my day

dont give him some change, he'll just drink it away,
can't rehab do more, he's too crazy for sure

yeh he likes where he is and his independence
near the liberty bell, they all can't stand his smell

he says he's a soldier, which war ain't no question
he's living it dying it fighting it crying it
the rest of his life
the scars of his fight
the dreams of his soul
it's just too God damn cold


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