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No Soul Future

Artist: Traz
Artist's Description
These hip hop/ rap style lyrics are about the future with technology that may get out of and scary.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Soundtrack, Sci-Fi, Television Soundtrack
Mood(s): Dark, Disturbing, Futuristic, Haunting
Style(s): Alternative, Dramatic Soundtrack, Sci-Fi
Language(s): English
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No Soul Future

By Traz
The Future  [Lyrics/ Rap]

[Intro: "Artificial superintelligence will trigger unfathomable changes to human civilization... In a few decades, machine intelligence will surpass human intelligence, leading to [what scientists call] 'The Singularity'.
--Ray Kurzweil, Ph.D, Award winning author and Artificial Intelligence 'Guru']


Hey listen up, don't it make you kind of freaked
That soon very soon humans gonna be antiques 

The scientists they're workin with our brains and genes they're messin
And if you ain't worried now, you know for sure you should be stressin

Theyll scan your brain and take your thoughts and put it on a chip
Gonna make it so your mind is hooked up to the Internet

And where your secrets goin when there's wires in your brain?
Are private thoughts like dinosaurs we' ll never see again?

Your DNA is up for grabs and out of your control
For assembly line babies manufactured without soul

And the robots they are coming, and not just to clean your floors
They'll be thinking for themselves, they'll be knockin down your door
They'll be bossin at the factory, they'll be teaching to your kids 
They'll be programming your life, til you don't know what it is 

And soon theyll give them feelings, then theyll take your baby too
Robot sex oh yeah it's coming,  Players wont know what to do

People with their messy flesh that can't compete with steel
Your heart that aches, just have replaced, reprogrammed not to feel

Will anyone be asking us before this comes to be?
Or is our fate just in the hands of Big Technology?

Well, dont take my genes or clone me
Don't go wire up my brain
Cause I'll say it to you once, and I'll say it LOUD again

F**k  (screw) the robots and the mind chips and the babies in a tube
And the cyborg CEO, ain't gonna tell me what to do
I need my flesh, I need my blood,  I need my baby too 

No don't take my genes don't clone me
Dont go altering my brain
Yeah I said it to you once, now I'm saying it again

F**k  (screw) the robots and the mind chips and the babies in a tube
Those braniacs with stock options cant tell us what to do
Stand up before its too late and it's out of our control
Stand up before the final days of all our human souls

Man I know that we ain't perfect , we're a messed up human race
But if all of this is coming, damn, just send me off to space


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