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The Hauntings

Artist: Joe Roberts
Artist's Description
This is a song of how one woman becomes the haunted, only to graduate to being a hauntee.

Genre(s): Blues, Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Soft Rock
Mood(s): Dreamy, Energetic, Evil, Heavy, Sad
Style(s): Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$200.00

The Hauntings

By Joe Roberts
She weaves through sunsets
Looking for the night
Romeo is in the back of her mind
So she wants to get this right

Dark orange bleeds through years-old dust
Of old cracked windows, and down to the rust
Of an old bed frame waiting for the black
Of night, when they come and get it all back

She likes it better when ghosts are watching
Surrounding her, she comes for them
As they weave their way through sad sunsets
She comes as they let each other in

Weaving through the sunsets
Of joy and hope that die in the night
She bows her head with a smile and a tear
The joy in despair now, feels so right

She walks through the valley
Of the shadows of death
Smelling like heroin
Watching her breath

Feeling the slow, of her heart
Decreasing, helping them in
Her life of apathy opens the door
Ladies and gentlemen, let the games begin

As she breathes her brethren
Into her soul,
Then back into the night
Making her whole

Weaving through sunsets
Waiting for joy to die in the night
She bows her head with a smile and a tear
Feeling no pain, she’s in love with the night

She feels complete, fully engulfed
In the shades of death they bring
Silver and Black, the spirits that lust
For the soul that moans and sings

The demons have fun as the pastor prays
The singer sells what the writer pays
She dances slow as the band plays fast
The Hauntings
Gray eyes shimmer in the haze

Left by the sunsets
That melted, and died, in the night
She bows her head with a smile and a tear
In love with despair, she comes with the night

Once a month, 12 months in a year
She’s done now friend, so now it’s clear
Death is the only life that’s true
So live as you wish, come month 13
she’s coming for you
As her gray eyes glimmer, in the haze,
Of The Haunting

© 2024 Joseph E Roberts Jr.


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