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Artist: Paul Adrain Hodgkin
Artist's Description
Old school hard-core blues
Heavy and dramatic
Snake eyes the hard way

Genre(s): Blues, Acoustic Blues
Mood(s): Dark, Heavy, Mournful, Sad
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack, Heartbreak, Nightclub, Thirties (1930s)
Language(s): English
Standard License:$50.00
Extended License:$150.00


By Paul Adrain Hodgkin
Baby dady's worried
That he's seen his last of you
And no matter how I'm tryin'
Well hell it just don't do no good
It don't do no good

Just because she's never happy
Your momma's yellin' wolf
And the man he come a runnin'
And it just don't do no good
It don't do no good

This time I'm scared and half drove crazy
Seem like all I feel is pain
It's your black hearted momma oh yeah
Oh just a rattlin' machain

All these worries got me smokin'
Well hell just like an old freight train
And I'll never kick the habit
Long as she's rattlin' machain

Once I had saved some money
Just in case that it should rain
Now my lawyer got to have it
To stop her rattlin' machain

If it weren't for knowin' better
I'd put a bullet through her brain
But it ain't no grounds for killin'
Just cause she's rattlin' machain

Baby, daddy's worried
And it just don't do no good
It don't do no good


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