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To the Abyss

Artist: Ursus den Gale
Artist's Description
Its a a work i hope will wake poaple upand take resposebility fro there actions

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, New Age, Horrorcore, Environmental Music
Mood(s): Bitter, Dark, Determined, Disturbing, Hard, Haunting
Style(s): Danger, Death, Nature/Science/Cultural
Language(s): English

To the Abyss

By Ursus den Gale
To the Abyss

I struggle every day of my life
just to eat a shitty pizza slice
i roll the dice once or twice
every time i get low eyes
i want my piece of the stars
but instead i get deseases and sars
maybe im harsh
but life tought me that everything is a manipulated fars
Im not afraid to die
i look forward to it wihout blinking an eye
Cos then i will be finshid with eating shit, Piss and lies
I hear mother earth crying out my name
she is in great pain
and i can do nothing about it and that is where im asheme
Ill go though hell and flame
ill murder and kill without drugs or pills
earth becoming very ill
This planet deserves better then morons, idiots and retards without no skills
My home is earth
and my place of birth
and when shit his the fan and your money and armani shirt
Is nothing worth i will rub salt in your wounds so you get rally good but hurt
This is our last shot! our last Chance! we can be great or a failure
cos this will be carved for millions of years in stone and rock
How much we suck!

? written on 16-?07-?2018 12:20:07
By Ursus den Gale


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