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Go About Your Day (for James G.)

Artist: Asylum Avenue
Artist's Description
Written prior to a class trip to the local community swimming pool--

Genre(s): Rock, Alternative Country, Folk Rock
Mood(s): Complex, Dramatic, Forgiveness, Slow
Style(s): Dramatic Soundtrack
Language(s): English
Standard License:$80.00

Go About Your Day (for James G.)

By Asylum Avenue
Used to have lofty ambitions
Used to have noble intentions
Used to have aspirations
Beyond the typical here-say
Then one morning, I slept in
The daylight rays they crept in
And the custodians of deflation swept in
And eased my righteous pain
They told me, we’ll get the mess
You just go about your day

Custer took to his mound
Helen Keller heard no sound
At the Somme, they dug in the ground
Black trenches of dismay
We’re all born at a loss
All shattered as we heave up the cross
God’s whimsical Scripture, a holy coin toss
His clever humor on display
He says, don’t mind the pestilence,
Just go about your day

Now here I am at the family pool
With the chlorine and recited rules
A lifeguard’s badge and the cap of a fool,
My predicament is plain;
You can try to overpower the tide
They call that “swimmer’s suicide”
Best to get on your flotation device
And watch the inflatable parade:
I say you make better waves
if you’ll learn to go about your day.

© 2013 by Keith Charles Dovoric / Broken Pilgrim Songs


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