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Take Me Back

Artist: CHARLES Cloud (Charles Cloud)
Artist's Description
A plea to God for mercy and forgiveness.

Genre(s): Gospel and Religious
Mood(s): Anthemic,Forgiveness,Introspective,Thoughtful
Style(s): Inspirational/Christian
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $13.00
Can I come home to You again.

In the brightness of the sun,
There’s a shadow on my soul.
So richly blessed in more ways than I know
I’ve turned away, spurned Your love for me.
You drew me close. I ran away.

Take me back, my Father.
Heal my soul, O Son of God
Fill my heart, Spirit of Love
Make me Yours, only Yours

You called me to your service
And gave me gifts of grace
So deeply loved, more deeply than I know
I’ve chosen sin and gone my selfish way
You gave me life. I chose death.

I kneel down now before You
Undeserving of Your love.
I have no hope unless it comes from You
I’ve wandered far and lost my way
Can I come home to You again.

Can I come home to You again.


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