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A man who from Hong Kong, is a music lover, member of Indie Band “Hijackers” in Hong Kong (Johnny plays vocal and guitar. )

His music style tends to be “Grunge Rock”, was influenced by Nirvana, Graham Coxon, Ratatat

Johnny mainly wrote many songs such as “Don't Leave Me Alone”, “Hate Myself” , “Lonely Lover” and “Eighty-Four” for the band, the lyrics are in English and Cantonese (His mother language).

Due to some reason, the Band “Hijackers”
oke up in 2012, Johnny keep writing song and playing guitar

One of their songs , “Eighty-Four” is re-arranged to be pop- ballad style, Johnny hired a demo Singer from USA to be vocal part, and used simple arrangement from the Mac as the background music.


Ex-Vocal/Guitar Player of Indie band in Hong Kong

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