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Talk about it

Artist: conduit
Artist's Description
A guy nicknamed "smash" was heartbroken by his bestfriend, after they decided to date eachother, turned out they are both not medically Compatible, because they are both carrieers of "AS" genotype. Its a story telling rap.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, R-n-B
Mood(s): Anxious, Calm, Dramatic, Introspective, Mellow, Sad, Thoughtful
Style(s): Heartbreak, Nostalgic, Story
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$250.00

Talk about it

By conduit
As I reminisce pour some liquor in my cup
This story im about to tell wanna bring it from the top

Verse 1;
We started first as friends
thought we would be tight to the end
Bond so strong like hair to its gel
Everything was cool, never had to switch hands
Facebook messages we had them dispatched
Things got serious in our little chit chats
Cuz she loves it more even when I tryna tease her
Feelings came so strong for us to discard
We had reached the height we just had to expand
Uh! Yea!
Topup my liquor,feelings got deeper
When im with you,its all chills and fevers
Now I gotta decide if its friendship or lovers
Feelings get stronger but I think its mutual
My homies be like smash why are you dulling me mehn?
You are in love with this girl why are you getting sloppy mehn?
Ask her on a date
You can never know your fate
If you two can just relate
We will be looking at an ace

Talk about it smash x2
Talk about it x3
We all learn the hard way when it comes to heartaches
Talk about it, talk about

Verse 2:
So I asked her out, now I gat myself a date
Scared the hell out, thinking what am I gonna say
I have come this far, not some time to chicken out
My heart beats fast like a nigga facing south
I can tell she doesn’t know what this is all about
So I said hey, theres something I wanna tell you
I understand all that we ever been through
But this shit mehn! I cant take it anymore
She was like don’t you wanna eat anymore?
Alright go on lets talk, made a fake cough
See i'm in love with you and its way more than friends
Its bigger than me bigger than all we ever shared
I understand its bad idea at our ends
its gonna ruin all that we ever shared together
but friends me smash cant do it either
cuz my feelings are killing me,hitler

verse 3;
after much thought so I finally got a yes
not on the spot though that wud have been a bigger mess
cuz girls say no first just to play hard to get
just to prove they are better than the rest
better than your next,but definitely your ex
my hands on my chest
see babe me go carry last
I go carry first
Will be the best you ever had
Nothingless first class,not pass
Everything was good
Everything was cool
But there came this feud
That brought us both aloof
She was” AS” that shit aint cool for two
She was bailing out thinking i'm a fool
She said to me smash we talking sickle cells here
Aint gon be the mother,love doesn’t really matter
I was tryna work something out
Just to stay lovers
Turned out she was walking out undercover

We makeup,we breakup
Things got really worse
We shudda left it as friends
Now it’s a bigger loss
Life is a game of pitch and toss
Now we moving on
For a greater course mehn.


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