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My City

Artist: Mason Leone (Mase Leone)
Key Signature:
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
(Verse 1) I'm just ridin' around in my city/ everybody here knows me/
gettin' all this love/ ridin' slow like white cups filled with codeine/ my girl and her bestfriends/ what a good time they could show me/ relaxin' high heels on the dashboard/ windows down, just crusin' slowly/
Margeila suit on/ coldest dude out now/ gold rolex/ gold lexus with the top down/ out gettin' props now/ probably gettin' guap now/ tryin' to stay calm but I'm just livin' for this lifestyle/ only got one life/ gotta live it up/ this is my shot/ I just can't get enough/ A victim to the fame and the luxeries and plus/ all my dreams are comin' true/ I'm in my hometown lookin' tough/ fine dining and fine wine/
I'm out here, its my time/ I shine bright like skylines
all my eyes on me like prime time/ sippin' on 24 karat gold from nappa valley, that dolce/ I know it's unfamiliar to ya cause you last guy was a no name

(light singing melody, double vocals) Ridin' around in my city knowin' no one here could stop us/ we stay higher than some astronauts in outer space in those rockets/ I've been all around the world and back/ and truthfully, I'm honest/ there's no other place like my city/ my city always go this

(hook) Yeah, I do it for my city, yeah, I do it for my city
I do it for my city 'cause my city fuckin' with me/ got these bombshells and these papa's goin' crazy tryna get me/ I've been all across the globe, but I still do it for my city

(Vocal interlude) Tonight, we' gonna spend it all/ tonight, were gonna spend it all believe me, tonight were gonna spend it all..yeah

(verse 2) Ridin' around with that top back/ black leather jacket and my sox hat/ I'm waving' out as we passin' by
because everyone knows where I'm at / roc city, roc city
murder rate high, glock city (Changeable)
all day, all night/ my crew just don't stop city/
and over everything, we holding it down, lock city/
been all across the world and back but only one
place can really rock with me/
That upstate, New york (Changeable) grimey shit/ that's what I need
and on every corner there's mad junkies with 40 ounces and loud weed/
Block is hot, no doubt about that/ we do it big, and know a lot about rap/ we rid in' dirty, I aint talking' about straps/
but I do got some dudes, that know about macs/ I hate talking' hard, but get a load of this track / I'm telling' the truth, the whole city on my back/ so when you see me out, know why i'm thrown' stacks/
and all these new rappers whack, so we eat em' like snacks/
pulling' out in the SS, you and me have nothin' in common/
everything is kosher, getting' models at these shows we rockin'/
Were reppin' hard, were working' harder, and were never stoppin'/
out here gettin' money probably, future bright, you just can't stop me/

(light singing melody) Ridin' around in my city, known' all the girls drop it low for me/ I'm livin' for this life, let's just see how far we can go, ya see/ I've been working' harder than ever, so just let me know if you roll with me/ I'm heading' to the top, and you know my city will always go with me cause.

(Repeat Hook)

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,East Coast Rap,Gangsta,General Hip Hop,General Rap,Hardcore Rap,Old School Hip Hop,Southern Rap,Underground Rap,West Coast Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive,Angry,Anthemic,Bouncy,Cool,Complex,Determined,Dramatic,Energetic,Epic,Flowing,Fun,Futuristic,Happy,Hard,Heavy,Lively,Mellow,Optimistic,Positive,Pretty,Solid
Style(s): Celebration,Fashion,Nightclub,Sex
Tempo: Mid Tempo
Language(s): English
Instrument(s): Lyric
Vocal Type(s): Male Vocals,Rap
File Type: MP3
Digital Download: $1.32
Single-Use License: $60.00



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