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Artist: SongsThatShine
Key Signature: G major
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
A story about a child who comes into this world a little different from the rest and the struggles faced, yet this child is strong and perseveres.
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Genre(s): Country, Contemporary Country, General Easy Listening
Mood(s): Sad, Slow
Style(s): Ballad, Story
Tempo: Slow
Language(s): English
Instrument(s): Band
Vocal Type(s): Male Vocals
File Type: MP3
Digital Download:$1.99
Cover Version:$22.75
Standard License:$91.00
Extended License:$180.00
A precious little girl came into the world
A little different from the rest - fighting to survive
Incubated five long weeks, her parents prayed and finally
They got the word they could take her home - get on with their lives
The day they finally got to hold their bubbly blue-eyed miracle
She smiled and kicked and giggled too - so beautiful

And in their ten by twelve pretty pink nursery room
They held her close, kissed her toes and made those faces parents do
And as their angel slept - her Momma wept
Knowing their baby made it through

She’s growing up so very fast, already in grade five class
Determined but has trouble learnin’- she needs special care
Kids laughed at her in arts and crafts cause she drew a short giraffe
“Go away, no you can’t play with us”- and they pulled her hair
She came home with a face so long, I said “Baby is something wrong”
She just said “No, I’m OK” - so brave and strong

But in her ten by twelve little pink bedroom well
Her silent tears start to fall, she hides in her shell
Where she’s safe and sound, although broken down
She knows she’s gonna make it through

Now she meets her hardest challenge as if she hasn’t faced enough
She needs an operation, knows the battle may be tough
But she’s not one to complain at all, she may be little but she stands tall

And in her ten by twelve hospital room
We say a prayer, stroke her hair and worry like parents do
As our angel sleeps - we both weep
Saying she’s gotta make it through

© 2020 Germain Brunet
[email protected]



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