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Everyday Things

Artist: Ian Mitchard
Key Signature: E major
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
Classic pop song with a 60's feel
Performed by the musically diverse Ian & Steele

Genre(s): Pop, Brit Pop, General Easy Listening, Pop Vocals, General Pop
Mood(s): Bouncy, Optimistic, Romantic
Style(s): Commercial, Sixties (1960s), Soap Opera, TV Drama
Tempo: 130-150 BPM
Language(s): English
Instrument(s): Bass-Electric,Drum Kit,Guitar-Accoustic,Guitar-Electric,Synthesizers,Vocals-Backing Vocals,Vocals-Sung
Vocal Type(s): Male Vocals
File Type: MP3
Everyday ThingsDigital Download:$0.99
Cover Version:$22.75
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$150.00

I’m thinking that you
Could be thinking of me
When you’re sipping your tea
Doing your job
Watching TV
Walking the dog
Preparing a meal
Writing your blog
The way that you feel
Will seem unreal

Somehow love can begin
When we’re doing everyday things

I’m hoping that you
May be knowing that I
Could be doing the same
Driving my car
Watching the game
Strumming guitar
Guessing your name
With a drink at the bar
Something has changed
And the feeling is strange

Somehow love can begin
When we’re doing everyday things

Stuck in a rut
Of the old routine
Day after day
With boredom in between
Given up on romance
Never to be found
When someone gets inside your head
And turns your world around

I’m wishing that we
Would be thinking of us
When we’re standing in line
Catching our bus
Passing the time
Building up trust
Two of a kind
Certain we must
Take the chance
To exchange a glance

Somehow love can begin
When we’re doing everyday things



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