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Everybody One By One

Artist: Ian Mitchard
Key Signature: A major
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
Pop-rock song with a positive attitude.
Vocals by the very versatile Megan Moore.

Genre(s): Rock, General Alternative, General Pop, General Rock
Mood(s): Happy, Optimistic, Positive
Style(s): Alternative, Commercial, Soap Opera, TV Drama
Tempo: 130-150 BPM
Language(s): English
Instrument(s): Bass-Electric,Drum Kit,Guitar-Accoustic,Guitar-Electric,Vocals-Backing Vocals,Vocals-Sung
Vocal Type(s): Female Vocals
File Type: MP3
Everybody One By OneDigital Download:$0.99
Cover Version:$22.75
Standard License:$75.00
Extended License:$150.00

Everybody’s going somewhere
So can I hitch a ride with you
We can talk about the weather
Maybe have a drink or two

Everybody’s come from nowhere
For their fifteen minutes of fame
There’s no guarantee we’ll stay there
At least we’ll learn to play the game
And we’ll have fun there all the same

Enjoy the journey Like your life has just begun
Take your chances
In whatever way they come
And they will surely come along now
One by one

Everybody’s feeling happy
With their different points of view
We can all stand together
But I’m not the same as you
I don’t do the things you do
And you wouldn’t want me to

Everybody, Everybody, Everybody, Everybody
Everybody join our band
Everybody holding hands
Every boy and every girl
Make a daisy chain around the world



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