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Drift Away

Artist: DP Hannison
Key Signature: A major
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
There are millions of songs written about relationship break ups, and here's my contribution. A girl power dance anthem with lyrics to help victims move on to pastures new. Great club song at 128 bpm. Influences include Dua Lipa, Calvin Harris, Katy Perry.

Genre(s): Easy Listening, Pop Vocals, General Dance, General Electronic, European Pop
Mood(s): Bouncy, Confident, Dancing, Optimistic
Style(s): Commercial, Nightclub, Party, Summer
Tempo: 111-130 BPM
Language(s): English
Instrument(s): Bass Drum,Bells,Chimes,Computeised sounds,Drum Machine,Keyboard/Synthesizer,Percusion-Pop/Funk,Piano-Electric,Synthesizers,Vocals-Backing Vocals,Vocals-Sung
Vocal Type(s): Female Vocals
File Type: MP3
Drift AwayDigital Download:$1.00
Cover Version:$22.75
Standard License:$100.00
Extended License:$150.00
Verse one
I had negativity in my head
It was sad emotion
You were naughty now my dream is dead
Should I cry an ocean?
Chorus one
As there is nothing new to say (nothing new to say, new to say)
I was at home you played away (you played away you played away)
Will I let sadness rule my day?
( Na Na Na Na Na No) I’m gonna let it drift away
Verse two
I’ve got better things to do than think about you
And be broken hearted
I need to dedicate my time to someone new (someone new…)
Inspired by the pain you started
Chorus two
I have responsibility (la la la)
So other hearts can be set free (la la la)
My disappointment will decay (yeh yeh yeh)
I’m gonna let it drift away
Chorus three
I’m gonna dance from day to day (drift away drift away)
I let the sadness drift away (drift away drift away)
I’ll be a light I’ll be ok (drift away drift away)
Bye bye sadness drift away
Chorus four
Now I’m goin’ out to play (drift away drift away)
dancin’ through the night to day (drift away drift away)
Now I’m goin’ out to play (drift away drift away)
bye bye sadness drift away (echo? to silence)



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