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Artist: Patrice Euphony
Key Signature: A sharp minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Artist's Description
My first Trance music, I like very much Armin Van buuren, I am certainly not like him but i was inspired to do this track "TimeTravel" traveling through time must be a great experience, many people likes the idea, this Track can be used for Music Movies, A video clip is available on my profile.

Genre(s): Electronica/Dance,General Trance,Film Soundtrack,Sci-Fi
Mood(s): Energetic,Futuristic,Polyphonic,Positive,Technical
Style(s): Action Adventure,Dramatic Soundtrack,Future,Nightclub
Tempo: 130-150 BPM
Language(s): NONE
Instrument(s): Computeised sounds,Keyboard/Synthesizer,Sound effects-Nature,Sound effects-Wind,Sound effects-water,Voice-synth
Vocal Type(s): None
File Type: MP3
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