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Artist: Jeffrey hutcherson
Artist's Description
I sell lyrics only for country blues .honkytonk and tempo my influences are lynyrd skynyrd as to bb king hank Williams Jr kid rock bo.seager Chris Stapleton and jamey johnson .English language I am 54 yrs old served in us navy drove trucks 48 States and Canada .now I am a full time lyric writer and play acostic electric and resonator guitar .

Genre(s): Blues, Country, Gospel and Religious
Mood(s): Calm, Cool, Epic, Repetitive
Style(s): Inspirational/Christian, Nightclub, Seventies (1970s), Travelling
Language(s): English
Standard License:$113.00


By Jeffrey hutcherson
I remember the first time I felt the cold wind blow I wanted to stay but I knew I had to go because making a living on the road a drifter has got to you sow your seeds against the wind wherever they sow is where the grow.can't look back on dreams and illusions they will haunt you till the day you die hurt your soul so bad you want to cry.because making a living on the road a drifter has got to roll.saying good bye to family and friends is hard on them even harder on me watching my girls grow up in pictures there was so much we missed together but what can you say that is the price you pay a drifter has to roll making a
Living on the road.different town 500. Miles overnight different day do it again been a drifter over 20 years now. I am in an empty nest and all alone now when I get those lonesome blues I take a slow roll up the interstat to watch the big trucks roll because you will a drifter in your soul and a drifter has got to roll.


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