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Artist: MKT
Artist's Description
Rap-like prose about the recent spate of killings and terrorism in the US and the world. Influenced by the San Bernardino terrorist attack, Black Lives Matter, and Dallas police killings. The prose is written from the perspective of the killer claiming justification for the terrorism from God and revenge for prior acts of violence. It is called "Hate" and repeats the phrase, "An Eye for an Eye." I hope this piece will help people process the violence around them and give pause before getting swept up into revenge.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Rock, Rock & Roll
Mood(s): Complex, Dramatic, Solid, Tension
Style(s): Humanity, Inspirational
Language(s): English
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You are my enemy. I don't see your humanity.
Just religion or race. The look of your face.
I can't take this insanity. You're wrong and I'm right.
You're black and I'm white.
You love differently from me so I kill out of spite.

I've got my rights and my AK 47.
I'll blow myself up, blast myself into heaven.
I'll show you my power to kill. I'll enforce my God's will.
It's easy for me to justify
An eye for an eye.

Look at me now. Full of rage.
This is my stage, the front page.
You will know my name.
I'm insane. I'm deranged.
But I have the power to write the story.
Bloody and gory.

Fox News, Al Jazerra, The messages fill my head.
They're subliminal. But real. They help me kill. You're dead.
Destroy what others create. I hate.
Division, not unity.
Kill myself and live for all of eternity.

I'm no criminal. I just feel the pain of losing the game.
But I win. Convict you of your sin.
White, the color of your skin. You're wearing blue and I hate you.
Revenge for the loss of a black guy. You die.
An eye for an eye.

Semi-automatic and ammunition. My plan comes to fruition.
You're forced to listen to my rendition of this song, just a few minutes long.
The rhythm of bullets spray death and division.
My finest hour. Derision is my mission.

The NRA will pray and say they are patriots, but they prey on hate.
They pay to legislate.
My rights are protected to own ammo and guns.
Makers of weapons get rich off my deed, the news will feed
the hunger and greed.
So I can kill those I hate, even the little ones.

Revenge will justify my work to horrify.
My God will glorify and indemnify my decision on who will die.
An eye for an eye. That's my vision. An eye for an eye.


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