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Just Woke Up

Artist: Cameron Clinkscale (Cameron Imhotep)
Artist's Description
This verse is about my love for hiphop music as I compare my love for the music to other great things that happend throught the day.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap
Mood(s): Bright,Flowing
Style(s): Celebration
Language(s): English
Single-Use License: $113.00
BUY COPYRIGHT: $1,333.00
Just woke up so I just got blessed,
Blunts rolled up finna less my stress//
Underdog in the polls I'll except all bets,
Imma take my shots and I aint gonna miss//
This that steppin on the court and I just called next,,
Put ya money up I'll except all bets//
Ballin like O'm finna get a check from the Nets,,
Leavin outta court and my case dismissed//
This that shit they request play next,,
I don did this shit err since tape decks//
Up at Mike G crib homie stayed out east,,
I was out there from the WestSide on the CotaBus//
Way before I started hustlin or even rolin up,,
Before I ever hitta shorty or I ever hit a club//
We was barley gettin money it was only for the love,,
Won't nobody rockin wit us reallyy it was onl us//
They was comin at us heavy but you know we didn't budge,,
Them my niggas them my homies they gon hold me like a grudge//
it was problems in the way but we had to make a way
I dont know how I just do it guess I'm Jordan with the shrug//
Had some homies that was plugs so you know Im makin flips,,
Skrilla in the booth and you know I'm makin hits//
Booth a murder scene and you know it got m prints,,
But m lawyer on the team so you know they gonna aquit me..


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