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I’m on a Mission

Artist: Rodney Davis (Lyrics by Yendor)
Artist's Description
Hip Hip

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Gangsta
Mood(s): Aggressive,Bitter
Style(s): Danger
Language(s): English
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Single-Use License: $50.00
Derivative-Use License: $200.00
Let me talk to you
In fact I’ll skip the first verse
I wear my heart on my sleeve
And carry my body in a hearse
It seems like I’m targeted
Bulls-eye’s on my head
Cause of the colour of my skin
They want to see me dead
I am oppressed, suppressed
Where do I get redress?
As they restrain my impulses
And my consciousness

I make stupid money
Hang with celebrities and hoodrats
I’m on a mission
No time for idle chitchat
Smoked a few G’s
I think you know what I mean
The streets are still the same
Same people same scene
I’m on a mission
I don’t want to be late
Tell the boss I’m coming
Tell the devil to wait

I’m not proud of this life
But this is how I roll
Got to make my money
Got to earn my dole
My heart beats
Just not as much as it bleeds
I have nothing to live for
But the will to succeed
So don’t judge me
You don’t understand my position
I’m an artist, not a thuggist
And I’m on a mission

It’s the signs of my time
Forget your point of view
These are the sins of my crime
Look at my points to view
Just living a thug’s life
I have nothing to give
I’m in a fool’s paradise
I got nowhere to live
Same game different name
The nightmarish horror
Even though I live today
I’ll probably die tomorrow


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