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Social Media

Artist: Rodney Davis (Lyrics by Yendor)
Artist's Description
Social Media and relationships

Genre(s): Pop Music,Rock,Soft Rock
Mood(s): Easy
Style(s): Friendship
Language(s): English
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Single-Use License: $50.00
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Look at me
I’m right here
Don’t look through me
As if you don’t care
Put down your phone
You’re not off the hook
This is not Instagram
Nor is this Facebook

Stop tweeting
Our lives away
Our lives are not on sale
This is not eBay
I’m right here right now
I’m in your place
This is for real
This is not cyberspace

Social media have taken our lives away
Everything we do is on public display
How can our relationship grow?
When it’s in constant danger
As the details of our lives
Are shared with strangers

If you want to share
Then share your love with me
If you want a friend
I’m here for eternity
And if you like
Anywhere you go
Just gently poke me
And I will follow

We can create albums
Of our own memories
And this is my view
If you will let me
Comment as this is the plus
We can update your profile
To wife status


We need to link-up, cause we are not Linked-In
To this relationship we say we are in
We need to connect, spend time, unwind, relax
Un-tag our lives from this “social box”
Because it’s not very sociable



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