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I'm Not Me

Artist: AntFontaineRecords
Artist's Description
Tells a story of someone who made a few mistakes with someone. So much so, they don't feel like they're themselves, almost as if they've turned into a monster. The lyric uses many literary devices and is an extremely well thought out and beautiful lyric. With the right music composer and singer, this song could be a hit.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, Pop Music, General Alternative
Mood(s): Confused, Complex, Introspective, Mournful
Style(s): Confusion, Friendship, Heartbreak
Language(s): English

I'm Not Me

By AntFontaineRecords
I'm too strong
To be falling this hard
To be feeling so weak
I'm a shooting star, leaving its place in the galaxy
Losing my mind
Losing so much sleep
I can hardly breathe
I'm an astraunaut off his rocker and took his helmet off

I'm all messed up
In these moments
When I know what to do
But I do the opposite cause
I'm, not, me
I'm, not, me
I don't know who I am or
What I've become
I don't know what I'm doing anymore
I've turned into a monster
I've turned into a monster

I'm too wrong
To be yelling at you
To be telling you that
I'm a rocketship and your the earth I'm leaving you, you piece of dirt
I'm too wrong
To be so openly against you
Holding a rope around my neck
Cause I'm
Playing hangman, getting every fxxxing letter wrong

And I don't know, what is wrong with me
We were once like a river stream
Flowing into the deepest ocean of love
And now it's just me, running against the river
Marching my way up the stream
Cause I'm scared of what's ahead
Scared of the Sharks, scared of the other, fish in the sea
Scared I'll be unfaithful to you
Scared you'll be unfaithful to me
Scared of the waves that'll toss us around
Scared of the days that I won't feel the ground
This is just me being open
I'm going upstream cause I'm scared of the ocean.
Pre chorus


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