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Pissing On The Corpse of Punk

Artist: Sonny Meadows
Artist's Description
Punk is dead. This song is about what you're doing when you play it.

Genre(s): Alternative and Punk, General Punk, Old School Punk
Mood(s): Aggressive, Angry, Disturbing, Fast
Style(s): Action Adventure, ThirtySomething
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00

Pissing On The Corpse of Punk

By Sonny Meadows
Pissing on the corpse of punk

you never punched a face
just because its there
you play a Fender bass
with skill and practiced care

you never smear old rotten jelly
on your naked smelly junk
you're in an adolescent funk
and the band you're in plays punk

but then...

you take a shortcut through the alley
and look down to see someone
with a needle in their arm
why not have a little fun

its clear they aren't breathing
so you put them in your trunk
take them to a field
and then you *fxxx the corpse of punk*

it couldn't be more anti-social
you're a rebel piece of scum
things got out of control
when you cried during your song

don't feel bad at all
they would have wanted it this way
you piss right on its smelly corpse
every time you play that way

Pissing on the corpse... of punk.
take care when you open up your trunk
there's a body there
with purple hair
behind an amp
its just laying there
where you keep all of your other junk

pissing on the corpse... of punk
[spoken](hey guys, can we just end this here?)


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