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It's your life, your choice

Artist: Rodney Davis (Lyrics by Yendor)
Artist's Description
We all have choices...make the right one

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap,Reggae,R-n-B
Mood(s): Fun,Introspective,Positive,Romantic
Style(s): Desire,Eighties (1980s),Motivational
Language(s): English
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Spoken... [It’s your life, your choice, now hear my voice]

You were born of love, but bred in hatred
Becoming the very thing that you once hated
You are bitter and cross with your wretched life
You neglect your kids and beat up on your wife

You are enraged, you have blood in your eyes
Telling the world how you have been victimized
You blame all but yourself for your situation
And you waste your life, smoking and drinking

I ask you “what have you done to improve your sorry life?”
Except threatening others with your many guns and your knives
You say you were born poor, hence your life of crime
Yet your refuse to work an honest job and develop your mind

You murder and maim without hesitation
Feeling mighty on your journey to self-destruction
But friend its only time ‘til you are measured against the many
For your time will come, just as well as any

Spoken... [It’s your life, your choice, now hear my voice]

You ask me “how can you bleed when you’ve already bled?”
You ask “how can you die when you’re already dead?”
You say you are GOD, but I’ll give it to you on the level
How can you be GOD when you’re playing the devil?

One day you’ll be alone, who’s going to save you then
When your friends become your enemies and your life’s at end
So now you’re all alone, who’s going to save you now
Now that your peeps, your homies, your posse, your crew are all but gone

You cry “Dear god forgive me for the things I’ve done”
Now that you’re look down the barrel of a fully loaded gun
You the merciless now begs for mercy, replay the tape that’s in your mind
Did you show that child some mercy when you carried out your heinous crime?

Rewind and play the tape again, does the shit appears the same?
Now that the shoe is on the other foot and you the hunter is the game
How many ghosts have you created, was it ten or was it twelve?
When you felt you had the need to test if your gun was working well

Spoken... [It’s your life, your choice, now hear my voice]

You have to change your path even though the journey’s long
You got to keep the faith, believe and stay strong
You have to be hopeful and work towards the better
Be resilient, be confident, be a go-getter

I tell you great men actions are exemplary to us all
Great men may yield but they will never fall
They are never forgotten, these men deserve praise
They stand forever admired and revered for their ways

Be a great man, and as with all great men in history
Be measured by your mettle and handling of adversities
Nothing may come easy; I’ll admit that much is true
But good will conquer evil in whatever you do

And please remember, you have the right to choose
The freedom to win and the freedom to lose
Yes it’s your right; let your choice be clear
And shout it from the mountaintop for all to hear

So choose life, because you will always win
No more systematic failure, release your power within
Seek and find the light at the end of the road
For where there’s hope you’ll find a friend to help you carry the load

And remember your dreams can still come true
But you’ve got to trust in yourself and believe in you
Take heed it’s not as simple as I make it sound
But the beauty of a lost soul is that it can always be found

And if you have that sense of purpose then your path is clear
And you can travel on your road with no remorse or fear
You can travel on your road with no remorse or fear
So go travel on your road with no remorse or fear

Spoken... [It’s your life, your choice, now let me hear your voice]


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