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Just to Ill

Artist: visual audio
Artist's Description
This song is called "Just 2 Ill". Its a very cocky and cocky song . This song goes hard and is very street. This song has gangster and hood elements in it from beginning to end. It is inspired by the chicago drill scene so any artist with similar styles this will fit perfectly. It takes the kind of swagg of a cheif keef or any other major drill artist from chicago possesses. This song has three verses with a course. The tempo is upbeat and fun. I wrote this song to a intrumental that I own. If interested in the song or if you have any questions please contact me and thank you

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, General Rap
Mood(s): Bouncy, Determined, Heavy, Upbeat
Style(s): Nightclub, Party, Sports/Athletic, Video Games
Language(s): English
Standard License:$107.00

Just to Ill

By visual audio

I'm just 2 ill
Im just 2 ill
See I don't never grab chopper
Less it's time to kill
The way I whip the coka-ena
Man it Take some skill
I'm just 2 ill
I'm just 2 ill

I'm just 2 ill
Im just 2 ill
You can find me in the hood
I'm out chea in the field
Don't make me put this
mother fxxxing oozie
In yo grill
I'm just 2 ill
I'm just 2 ill

Verse 1

Motherfxxxers call me up
And tell me that
we got some beef
I be like
Ok my nigga
Tell me the numbers and street
Hit his block
And let them chopper
Hit em from a mile away
Put em in a body bag
And let them take that
Bitch away
Smoking dope
And sipping lean
Rocking jeans
That come with wings
Say below my polo boxers
Real niggas know what I mean
Wanna hit of that 8 ball
Corner pocket
I'ma lock it
In the streets in heffe
I get it from the essays

Verse 2

Hit a lick
I Sold some shit
And now it's time to
Party hard
A bunch of drugs
A bunch of bitches
Wanna fxxx me
And the Squad
Pocket full of money
Imma try to spend it
All tonight
muler on the left wrist
With rubber bands
All on my right
We got the whole club packed
What the fxxx you wanna do
One wrong move
And you'll get fxxxed up
By the whole crew
If yo niggas want some
On my life
They'll get it to
The way her mouth
Stay on my dick
You'll think her spit
Got super glue
Paying off the boys in blue
For they can look the other way
They can damn there
Buy a Benz
For shit I did the other day
Im fxxxing with that
White bitch
No tan and super thick
I rather lose
a thousand bitches
Before I lose half a brick
Nigga it ain't shit legit
All my niggas thugs and goons
Break into your house
And we will take you out
Up in yo room
Niggas know it ain't a game
Click clack
Bang bang
Bed, dresser, blinds, floor,
Ceiling and the walls stained

Verse 3

Aim and fire
Over his attire
Not a shot to spare
Treat my guns
just like my shoes
Copping choppers
By the pair
Bullets flying everywhere
Do this shit
Without a care
Send em to the e.r.
I Hope he got Obama care
Twerking and she
Popping pussy for me
Cuz that's what she do
Double g's on my belt
And you know
it match the shoes
Always got a lot of Cash
Louie v the duffle bag
Your bitch acting brand new
Till this dick break in her ass
Smoking Cali By the pound
And you know This shit is loud
Got nine blunts
In full rotation
Turned the room into a cloud
Goofy nigga
You a clown
And I ain't in no mood for jokes
Bitch niggas
They do the least
But I always do the most
Im just too Ill


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