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OG Bobby Johnson ( Remix )

Artist: Benjamin Dillinger
Artist's Description
OG Bobby Johnson remix.

Genre(s): Hip-hop/Rap, Gangsta, Hardcore Rap
Mood(s): Aggressive, Complex
Style(s): Danger, Death
Language(s): English

OG Bobby Johnson ( Remix )

By Benjamin Dillinger
Word on the street I ain't dead yet
Word on the street be sure as shit
For these niggas snitching
And they snitching ass bitches...
50 cal. Kisses
Mothafxxxa ima trap lord

I dont get hit nigga
I bob n weave n blast back at em
bitch nigga on the ground now
I walk up like.... you filthy mufxxxa
Any last words, keep it to your self, save that shit
You how I get down
choppa nigga down like a white brick
Gotta loot em too, never now what I might get
All wit one eye open
Like im slick rick

OG Bobby Johnson
OG Bobby Johnson
Aim my gun im dumpin
OG Charles Bronson
Shoot em out the air as he jumpn
OG Charles Bronson

Yo bitch in the street, everybody in the street done fxxx dat
And you still beg the bitch come back
Im headed out to the projects
Ay bitch where my glock at
Pickn up some work
G18, case i get shot at
This the life man I love that
Pistol get the clap-on
Everybody in the streets gone fall back
Something like roches when the lights on
On a pill and my mind gone
Tripn man, thought I just seen tity boy trapn on his iPhone
Think im hearing metalica perform wherever I roam
Niggas say they real but
they be faking
They think they strong
But they be breaking
Im lookn at em with my head shaking
My Ks aiming
She ain't tame n she's a nasty artist
And reds the only color in her panting
But you know me,
If I was her id do the same thing
Choppa start bangn
Lead be sprayn
Dead body's all laying
Aint rap shit
Real shit what I keep saying
I know I know... Imamazing
Other niggas waka flocka flaming
That's gay shit
Ima shoota
That's all day shit
Like Rick im the rula
Yall fools and im the foola
Lucky if I don't shoot ya
Take yo bands and yo bricks
Young Scooter
Think you rude, ima lot ruder
fxxx ya bitch mouth
Stretched out her pooper
Then skeeted in her cooter
Shootn with the shooters
Talk sweet that's how we do ya
No more tweet tweet you asleep
Should been a little more sharp cleaver

Eat a models pussy out, beaver
Got board of fxxxn just gonna leave her
Leave it to me to be the king mothafxxxn beaver teaser
Call me "big homie pussy pleasa"

Word on the street I got toaster
And these niggas get toasty; I mean they petty lifes over
Boys in the hood look
they dead ass on the rail road track
Its beautiful man I gotta show ya
Brains and blood in the train lain

Word on ya bitch is that I smashed that
All talk, I really just past that
And the homies didnt like her neither, sent her ass back
With a message like : nigga what im supposed to do wit that
I reply back : aughhh fxxx her man that's the puttytat

Not a word said on the street when I come through
Cause niggas know I kick in they door like kung fu
My money trees be stankn loud like a skunk do
Benjamin..... Dillinger ....... Nigga fxxx you


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