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Artist: Maximum
Artist's Description
This song is about an individual who dreams being with a person that he or she really likes.

Genre(s): Country, Contemporary Country
Mood(s): Dreamy, Mellow
Style(s): Desire, Lullaby
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00


By Maximum
Verse I.
Last night, I dreamed of you sitting next to me on an island beach
With your lips appeared as sweet as a luscious peach.
You got closer to me, you gazed into my eyes, you whispered in my ear, that
Your heart linked to the string of mine, so I should not fear.

How could a dream be so vivid?
It rose above anything livid.
It felt so at ease, just like the autumn breeze
Caressed gently the golden tree leaves.
Tell me if this dream will come true
Will I share divine love with you?
Please find a way to crystallize it.
And let’s not waste another minute.
Please help me realize this dream?

Verse II.
Sometimes, you pass by my way and wave a quick hello
Your smile ‘hon’ey’ lifts me up when I am feeling low.
I keep hoping one day you’ll make a stop my way and take my hand
Disabuse me of the notion that I am on a la-la land.

Dreams can sometimes be misleading:
Taking you places you’ve never been,
Taking you places that you have been
Places that you never want to be at,
Places you wished you could be at.
This is one of those dreams that I never wanted to wake up from
One that I pray and hope becomes a reality soon.


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