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Pearls and sins

Artist: Dejan Ahec (Dramaboy)
Artist's Description
Just showing love and respect to a girl of my life.

Genre(s): Blues,Pop Music,Pop
Mood(s): Bright,Magical,Positive
Style(s): Inspirational,Silent Film
Language(s): English
My girl's not wearing pearls,
Treasure's from within,
Her heart is on the right side,
It's me who is full of sin.

My girl dont need no stones,
Simple honest word she speaks,
I know she love me to the bone,
I hope she'll love me when i'm old.

It's not the cars,
She hate fake stars,
I'm not showing but i'm proud,
Cause she choosed me for my scars.

My girl...she listens,
Gives my son a thousends kisses,
Hatered never crossed her path,
It's me who makes her sad.

Ref:(can be freely repeated)
Stay, stay, stay with me,
Dont walk away,
Dont make me say,
Goodbye, goodbye


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