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Life's Like A Jig-Saw Puzzle

Artist: Patrick Cooney
Artist's Description
This lyric was inspired by Kiss's - Beth - and by Carolyn Noelck Miller.

Genre(s): Classical/Orchestral
Mood(s): Peaceful, Positive
Style(s): Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$33.00

Life's Like A Jig-Saw Puzzle

By Patrick Cooney
Life's like a jig-saw puzzle
You got to work at it patiently
Find the edges, build a foundation
And in good time you will see

A most amazing picture
That has been there all this time
Sure it will take some doin'
So let your heart be your guide
Let your heart be your guide

Sometimes it's complicated
Sometimes it falls right into place
There's no hurry, there's no time limit
Just fill in all empty space

It's easy getting frustrated
It's easy to let it slide
But what would the point of that be
So relax, enjoy the ride
Relax, enjoy the ride

Can seem downright overwhelming
Can be intimidating
So set your sights on the big picture
Ahead so much is waiting

Something you can be proud of
Something you can call your own
Find a place for all the pieces
And you'll find your way home
You'll find your way home

Life's like a jig-saw puzzle
There is always a next one
No matter the outcome, by trying
You've won


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