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You Make Me Feel Like Superman

Artist: Bigman
Artist's Description
This lyric was inspired by wife of now some 37 yrs. I think a lot about Alan jackson as I write and his great ability as a storyteller. This lyric tells a story of what is in this mans thoughts and heart as he works each day.

Genre(s): Country, Pop Music, General Country
Mood(s): Confident, Dreamy, Happy, Proud
Style(s): Desire, Inspirational
Language(s): English
Standard License:$100.00

You Make Me Feel Like Superman

By Bigman
I'm just an ordinary, ordinary Joe
with nothing much to do, nowhere to go
I've got an ordinary life, kids and a wife
Got an ordinary job i go to everyday
ordinary benefits and yeah ordinary pay

I put in my eight hours, the whistle blows
Hop in my car put the pedal to the floor
cause i know when i get home and you hold my face in your hands
I'm no longer an ordinary Joe cause you make me feel like Superman -3x

I can reverse the earths rotation and leap tall buildings in a single bound
Chase down a missle, catch it and turn it around
I can change the course of history or at least i think i can
because every time you touch me i feel like Superman

And when we make love nothing is impossible for me
and if your love is kryptonite and holds me captive girl i dont want to be free
Baby you make me go weak like nothing else can and at the same time you make feel like Superman-3x

You can try and bind me with chains
but i'll foil a bad mans best laid plans
Cause every time you look at me yes every time i think of you, yeah every time you touch me I feel like Superman


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