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Queen Of Love

Artist: Charles Bryson
Artist's Description
Lyrics of love for R&B male vocalist.

Genre(s): Romantic
Mood(s): Romantic, Sweet, Thoughtful
Style(s): Desire
Language(s): English
Standard License:$80.00

Queen Of Love

By Charles Bryson
Queen Of Love

By Charles Bryson

Verse 1

I’ll build your world – from nothing to love
I’ll do it for you – I’ll do it for us
You are my warm sun – when life is so cold
My reason to rise – the key to my soul


If you be my queen – then I’ll be your king
I won’t let a thing – ever come between
The love that are – the light that you shine
I will be your king – if you will be my…

Queen of hearts
Queen of love
Queen of hearts
Queen of my love

Verse 2

Time to play my cards – king and a queen
You want a full house? – well that ain’t a thing
I will never fold – you know what I mean
Tell me your dreams – and see what I bring



I will build you – a house of cards
A house of love – a house of hearts
You’ve made me what – I never was
My queen of hearts – my queen of love


Copyright 2014 by Charles Bryson


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