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Loves Ruins

Artist: Rithic Peterson (Rithic)
Artist's Description
This lyric portrays a relationship break up with poetic edge. Great for a strong vocalist.

Genre(s): Sad,Electronica/Dance
Mood(s): Groovy,Heavy,Scary,Thoughtful
Style(s): Desire,Druggy,Heartbreak
Language(s): English
Loves Ruins

Our attraction was never real, so our affair has withered and gone with the wind. All we have now is confusion as our feelings decay like falling ruins.

Verse 1
Like the sun and the moon, we became an eternal fight. Like the seekers who seek and the watchers who watch I’m still looking for something more than your touch.
It is day but it will soon be night, and all I hear calling, is the voice of love that’s dying. All I see in the light are two hearts that have stopped trying.


Verse 2
Where promises break through barriers of spent attempts, and lost hearts blindly track their highways, as the truth slips away.
There our love lies cold; slain in the battle for control. All that remains are the ruins of our intentions, no substance, just the random remnants of broken romance.


Verse 3
To begin was to end as a lover or a friend. So through the illusion, cracks would appear, and the reason for continuing became unclear. In the end we both knew that we could no longer pretend.
And while my heart continued believing, all I was ever left with is a hollow feeling, because the cords of our love were never tied from the beginning.



© Rithic Peterson


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