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Exhale Sinner

Artist: Lenaaja
Artist's Description
3 Versus
3 Chorus
Flexible Delivery
Style The Doors (Jim Morrison), Silence Delerium

Genre(s): Lonely, Complicated, General Pop
Mood(s): Anxious, Complex, Dark, Epic, Groovy, Haunting, Mournful, Outer-Space
Style(s): Burlesque, Confusion, Druggy
Language(s): English
Exhale SinnerStandard License:$60.00

Exhale Sinner

By Lenaaja
Verse One
As the rolling waves come closer I can breathe,
Inhale, exhale, retrieve,
White lines on a jade plate,
What a handsome fate,
I ask is it possible to be a sinner and a saint?
This game is not for the faint of heart,
No not again don't you start.
My reality frozen in times glance,
Every sense of mine has been enhanced.
Verse Two
A state of consciousness unknown to some,
Don't deny me or call me insane or run.
Come to me wittingly, let down your barrier,
I wanted to go deeper than the exterior,
Am I a sinner, a saint or both,
Good and evil as one my oath?
A game not for the faint of heart I play,
I've got you again and again, another day.
Verse Three
I want to knock down those walls,
I know the future I'm the one who falls,
Entranced by your hypnotic glare,
I can't help but stare.
Walk with me into these crashing waves,
Will you be the star that saves,
My soul from a fiery underground,
Listen to the sound , of the waves roar,
I want some more, come deeper into the sea,
Breathe me completely.
So tell me, tell me now am I a sinner or a saint,
It is I who will taint our worlds and join our souls ,
It is me into the fiery underground she falls .


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